Adam Record Of Ragnarok- Abilities,Powers And Quotes

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Adam is humanity's representative in the second round of Record of Ragnarok, going against Zeus. Adam is the precursor of humanity, being the first human to ever exist that was also created in the image and likeness of the gods.Adam takes the form of a tall, young and muscular man with ultimate beauty that even aroused the gods. Adam has platinum-blonde hair, and big eloquent eyes. He is mostly naked, with only a classical fig leaf covering his groin. He is often seen holding and eating an apple, and in his battle against Zeus, wears a divine knuckle duster.

Adam record of ragnarok is a very calm, collected, and carefree individual; speaking to Zeus in a very casual manner, much to the chagrin of the other gods present. He was also quite confident in his capabilities, informing Zeus that he'd regret not using a weapon in their fight. Later, it is revealed that Adam holds no grudge against the heavens and the gods, despite the fact the Serpent assaulted Eve and then framed her when he was elsewhere, resulting in humanity's banishment from Eden. Adam is also ruthless in defending those dear to him, mercilessly striking down the Serpent and brutally attacking his creators.

Adam record of ragnarok displayed selflessness to the highest rank, pushing himself past his limits in his fight against a god to give humanity a bit of hope.


Adam record of ragnarok Abilities

As the first and original man created in the image and likeness of a god, Adam was considered by Brunhilde to be her "trump card" against the gods. Adam might perhaps be the most overwhelming human in history, being able to go toe to toe with and nearly defeating the chairman of the Gods' Council and champion of the Titanomachy, Zeus. Upon witnessing Adam's power, Ares shamefully admitted that he'd be no match for him, even if he were to train for a thousand years; Zeus himself also affirming that if their battle was instead a contest of endurance and not a death match, Adam would've undoubtedly bested him.

Godly Strength

Adam possesses immeasurable and unfathomable physical strength, capable of harming the likes of Zeus with his punches. With assistance from the "Eyes of the Lord", Adam was able to break Zeus' neck with a single sucker punch.

Godly Durability

Adam, despite being still being just a human, possesses durability on par with (and perhaps even surpassing) that of a god. Even after losing his eyesight and greatest weapon, Adam was capable of withstanding a barrage of attacks from Zeus and even trade blows with him.

Godly Speed & Reflexes

Adam was capable of dodging all of Zeus' attacks, which were being launched within a very small timeframe of 0.00000001 seconds.

Indomitable Will

Adam possessed the strongest will of mankind as stated by Brunhilde; he never once faltered in his battle, always remaining steadfast in the face of Zeus' onslaught.


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Eyes of the Lord

As a man designed in the image of a god, Adam was gifted with the ability to perfectly replicate any move and technique used by divine beings he saw, regardless of its speed or power and enabling him to evade a gods' attacks whilst simultaneously countering them with their own move. This ability was so incredibly potent that Adam was even able to copy and utilize Zeus' time-surpassing punch after only seeing it a single time. However, despite their seemingly unbeatable nature, the Eyes of the Lord do have their limits; the strength and power of an opponent's attacks corresponding to the amount of strain put on Adam's nervous system. Zeus, realizing that no singular move of his could best Adam, instead settled for a war of attrition and unleashed an endless onslaught of blows focused solely on overworking Adam's greatest weapons to the point of disabling it, a task which he eventually succeeded in.

Adam record of ragnarok Equipment

Knuckleduster: Adam uses a divine knuckleduster provided by the Valkyrie Reginleif, allowing him to damage and drive Zeus into a corner.

Adam record of ragnarok Quotes

Hatred"? "Revenge"? I don't need any of that. There is no reason why. Is there any man that needs a reason to protect his own children?

Ah... Somewhere out there... a baby is crying... it's alright... don't cry... your dad's here to protect you.

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