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10 Richest Anime Characters Of All Time

PostedAt: Tue, Oct 5, 2021 6:54 PM

Who are the richest anime characters of all time? Here's a look at the 15 wealthiest anime characters that have more money than they can spend!

Many anime fans enjoy the medium for how relatable the protagonists of the show might be. However, while you might relate to the personalities of some, you might find a harder time relating to others on a financial scale. Even the most affluent of real-life figures might have a hard time relating to the true one percent of the anime world.

From simple flexes along the lines of handing out empty checks to paying off national debts worth trillions, these anime characters are sure to make your wallet all the more bitter. Try not to curse your fortune as we rank some of the richest characters in anime.

10Yumeko Jabami Brought Ten Million Yen To School (Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler)

Yumeko Jabami had ten million yen in her school bag when she first fought Mary Saotome during Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler. She is also an excellent gambler and won many games throughout the series, often putting her opponents in debt because of how much she won against them. When her opponents tried to cheat her in games, she saw through their plans and easily countered their strategies.

However, she also understood that her delight in defeating her opponents was not rational and even felt guilty for being unable to sympathize with everyone she put into debt.

9. Roswaal L. Mathers Has A Mansion Big Enough To Fit A Town's Worth Of Citizens (Re: Zero)

Roswaal was born into the Mathers family, which was a noble house active in the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. His mansion was extremely huge with countless rooms, and at one point in Re: Zero it was discussed that he should let people from a neighboring village take safety in his own house— meaning that it was big enough to comfortably fit an entire town's worth of people.

His financial power and magical power earned him the roles of being the lord of the Roswaal Mansion, the margrave of the Mathers territory, and the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica's Court Mage.

8. Ciel Phantomhive Owns A Toy Company & Is The Sole Phantomhive Heir (Black Butler)

Many people like to joke that the rich sell their soul to the devil, though in Black Butler the joke might hit a bit too close to home. Following the tragic death of both of his parents and their estate burning down, Ciel became the sole heir to the Phantomhive family name. Subsequently, Ciel became the owner of the Funtom Corporation - a company renowned for its toys worldwide.

Though just a child, at 13-years-old, Ciel is one of the richest people in England. He managed to strengthen his family name and wealth despite tragedy (albeit with a considerable amount of his achievements being credited to Sebastian).

7. Daisuke Kambe Has Seemingly Unlimited Money (The Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited)

Earlier this year, the trailer for The Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited generated buzz all around social media platforms; especially for the title's affluent detective. While the anime's run was put on hold after two episodes due to the current circumstances, the first two episodes provide great insight into the rich life of Daisuke Kambe.

Though he's dubbed a millionaire in the title, Daisuke is arguably in possession of greater funds as he is capable of paying one billion on the spot to an Arab prince while still having an unlimited balance. Not to mention the large size of his jet and his ability to pay off any property damage he causes, it's safe to say this character borders on overpowered with financial capabilities alone.

6. Robert E. O. Speedwagon Is The Wealthy Founder Of The Speedwagon Foundation (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Hirohiko Araki created what is arguably an anime universe rich in many aspects, but within Jojo's Bizarre Adventure one character seems to possess more material wealth than anyone else within the cast. While Robert E. O. Speedwagon is mostly featured in parts one and two of the series, his influence extends past those two seasons.

With money acquired from the oil trade in the United States, Robert became the founder of the Speedwagon Foundation - a powerful and influential organization with ties to the underworld and the supernatural.

5. Seto Kaiba Was Adopted By A Billionaire & Runs A Whole Company (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

From the avid anime fan to the casual viewer, many people grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh. In the original series, most will remember Seto Kaiba as a top duelist as well as someone to envy his deck and influence within the card game world.

That sort of influence may come directly in correlation with his strategic intelligence, but being adopted by a billionaire and having your own company before graduating high school also helps. However, fans cannot begrudge Kaiba about his wealth since he was the one to ultimately create the immersive virtual experience of Duel Monsters.

4. Sinbad Is A Former King & Head Of The Most Powerful Trading Company (Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic)

Sinbad is the former King of Sindria, the World Innovator, the Head of the International Alliance, and the president of the world's most powerful trading company, the Sindria Trading Company. With Sinbad holding so many lofty titles, they also came with a lot of fame and riches galore.

Even though there are no exact estimates of his wealth, the fact that he has so many resources, connections, and political power suggested that he was extremely wealthy. His being the former King of Sindria, on top of all of what he did during his rule, also meant that he had much financial power in Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic.

3. Kaguya Shinomiya Is The Daughter Of One Of The Richest Men In Japan (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

In the opening scene of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, we quickly come to find out that Kaguya is, simply put, filthy rich. From her perspective as the daughter of one of the richest men in Japan, the audience quickly learns that there's about nothing you can't buy; though love doesn't seem to abide by that rule.

Kaguya's wealth, unlike many others, can be seen as a weakness at times since it led to her having a very sheltered life. This resulted in Kaguya being very inexperienced in many things to the point of lacking common sense. Her immense wealth also proved to be very intimidating for her romantic interest throughout the series.

2. Nagi Sanzenin Is The Sole Heiress To The Sanzenin Fortune (Hayata The Combat Butler)

Even among the rich, there is just a threshold past which someone is so wealthy it's just ridiculous to imagine all that money at their disposal. In that upper echelon of material possession is  Nagi Sanzenin.

As the sole heiress to the Sanzenin fortune, Nagi is constantly put at risk which is how the primary premise of the anime comes about. The amount of danger her life is put at constantly is only natural for someone capable of throwing 20 trillion yen into a prank though.

1. Mina Tepes Bought An Entire Island Off The Coast Of Japan (Dance In The Vampire Bund)

As of yet, there is arguably no anime character more affluent than the vampire queen Mina Tepes. You would think the wealth comes with the position, but some of Mina's financial transactions are beyond those of the richest royalty.

From buying an entire island off the coast of Japan to serve as her vampire kingdom to paying off the Japanese national debt worth 40 trillion yen, it's difficult to estimate just how much funds she has access to. Additionally, the lavish lifestyle she maintains throughout the anime portrays that she is never in a pinch for money. Seems that the life of the undead has many glories to envy.

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