8 Simple ways to improve memory and concentration

PostedAt: Sun, Dec 12, 2021 10:17 AM

An enthusiastic young Zen student sought out his teacher and asked, “Master, if I work hard, how soon can I find Zen?”

His teacher replied, “Ten years.”

“But sir, if I work even harder and apply myself wholeheartedly..?”

“Twenty years”, came the reply.

The student persisted, “But master, what if I throw myself into practice, immerse myself in it? How long would it take then?”

“Oh, thirty years!”

The student was crestfallen. “Master, I don’t understand! Each time I say I will increase my efforts; you say I will take longer. Why?”

Said the teacher, “When one eye is fixed on the goal, you have only one eye on your path.”

Focus on the effort, not the reward at the end of it.

You have to focus on your effort, not the result. The more you focus or attentive on your efforts, you will soon realize the tremendous changes inside you, you don’t need to do more, just be a passage for the effort and it will work.

Don’t push you more, just be relaxed and enter into technique of mediation.

Simple ways to improve memory and concentration

  1. Keep your body in top shape. Your brain needs oxygen and a fit and healthy immune system just like the rest of your body. Stay fit and your mind will stay fit.
  2. Drink a lot of water & eat healthy. 20% of what you put into your body gets used by the brain, even though it only weighs about 2% of your body-weight it uses 20% of the energy.
  3. Make more connections. You cannot build more neurons but you can make more connections with existing neurons. This means you need to link as many pieces of information as you can to stabilize new information in your brain-network.
  4. Use your senses as triggers. When you work/study in the same location, listening to the same music or smelling the same things you will have an easier time remembering what you did the next time because your senses link up with information very well.
  5. Practice Concentration. Removing all the distractions and then working for as long as you can, always pushing yourself to work a little bit longer each day will get you practiced in staying concentrated for longer periods of time.
  6. Get uncomfortable. Solve the problem. Go outside your comfort zone and then solve the situation. Example: Talk to 5 strangers a day. You will get into some cringy conversations → that is your problem to solve! This will get you to think outside your box and in new ways, strengthening your creative problem-solving capabilities.
  7. Read more. The more information you have the easier it is to solve new problems. Very intelligent people are intelligent not because they know one detail very in depth, but instead because they know that one detail and everything surrounding it, how it interacts with other pieces of information, what it does in certain situations, etc.
  8. One task at a time. Your brain cannot multi-task. Multi-tasking is switching between two different tasks rapidly, but you cannot do two at the same time. Maximize the utility of your brain by doing one thing at a time.

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