Who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters?

PostedAt: Sun, Dec 12, 2021 10:35 AM

There are some really strong characters in the whole Dragon ball series and it is pretty difficult to count on only the top ones of them as it is harder at times and sometimes even you do want your favorite to be on top of the list all the times but unfortunately, some times your favorite isn’t the top choice of majority. Keeping in mind all of this, We have these top 10 strongest dragon ball characters who have made a name for their selves.

    • #1: Omni-king Zeno: Even if he lacks the reaction time to keep up with the movements of some individuals moving at relativistic speeds, his massively powerful ability to destroy anyone and anything puts this diminutive creature on top. We have already seen one version of him destroy an alternate timeline universe, along with multiple other universes in the recent Tournament of Power.
    • #2: The Grand Priest: As the caretaker for the two Zenos and presumable leader of the Angel pantheon, the Grand Priest is likely second in terms of power to the above and is the father of Whis and Vados. In the picture below, he is the short one near the middle in blue clothing. He is the only angel to have his aura behind his head.
    • #3: The various Angels: We haven’t seen any feats from many of the Angels, but they are all presumably stronger than any of the Gods of Destruction, as exemplified by Whis, who is stronger than Beerus, one of the strongest, if not the strongest God of Destruction.
    • #4: Beerus: Beerus, using an unmastered form of Ultra Instinct, was able to defeat most of the other Gods of Destruction in combat, though Quitela held his own against Beerus, and Belmod was only faking defeat. Beerus is immensely stronger than either Super Saiyan Blue Goku or Vegeta, and is also more powerful than Goku when he stack Kaioken on top of SSJB. It is unknown if Beerus is stronger than Completed UI Goku, but until we see some direct comparisons we can’t be sure.
    • #5: Quitela- A yellow, mouselike God of Destruction, Quitela held his own against Beerus in combat, and presumably also beat him once in an arm-wrestling match.
    • #6: Goku- With Completed Ultra Instinct, Goku was able to defeat a full power Jiren, which should put him above Belmod and presumably most of the other Gods of Destruction. In the episode spoilers for either 130 or 131, Beerus stated that he thought Goku might have surpassed him with Complete UI, thought this never was mentioned through to the actual episode itself, so its canon-ness is debatable.
    • #7: Jiren- Jiren does appear to possess some partial form of Ultra Instinct, though this was never expanded upon. It is likely he was the mortal that Whis discussed who was stronger than his own God of Destruction. He is also stronger than God of Destruction Toppo.
    • #8: Belmod: Belmod came out largely uninjured and conscious in a battle with Beerus, though his strength is uncertain. The fact that he did not beat the catlike God, and instead chose to feign unconsciousness, suggests he does not personally believe he was up to the task of fighting Beerus.
    • #9: Other Gods of Destruction: With the mastery of the power needed to achieve the God of Destruction state, these beings are the strongest in their respective universes. However, none of them appear to possess Ultra Instinct and were largely tossed about by UI Beerus without too much trouble.
    • #10: Vegeta: In his Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form, Vegeta was able to defeat Toppo, a God of Destruction-in-training with access to the full capabilities of a GoD. In the manga, he was also able to land a single decent hit on Beerus as a Completed Super Saiyan Blue, though was quickly taken down by the annoyed God of Destruction.

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