Kojiro Sasaki: Abilities,Techniques and quotes

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Kojiro Sasaki is Humanity's representative in the third round of Record of Ragnarok, going against Poseidon. Kojiro Sasaki is a famous swordsman hailing from feudal Japan, often being referred to as "History's Greatest Loser" and "Humanity's Strongest Swordsman".Kojiro possesses incredible natural talent with the sword.His weapon is the Monohoshizao, a two-handed nodachi granted by the valkyrie Hrist, whose special ability allowed her to transform into two weapons after the Monohoshizao was shattered.

Kojiro Sasaki Abilities

Overall Abilities

Kojiro possesses an incredible innate gift in the sword, eventually becoming the greatest swordsman in existence, surpassing even Poseidon in combat. He also has an innate talent for evolving and improving whenever he loses, which was the main factor that allowed him to surpass the likes of the gods with his mortal body.

Godly Strength

Kojiro possesses immense physical strength, matching that of Poseidon as shown when he could block and parry a majority of his trident attacks with the strength he channeled into his blade, even slicing his divine trident in 2. One of his techniques, Tsubame Gaeshi, takes advantage of his phenomenal strength, allowing him to stop the descent of a falling blade and swing it back up at speeds faster than the eye can see, a feat considered nigh impossible with the strength of an average human being.

Godly Speed & Reflexes

Kojiro can move at speeds matching the likes of gods, as shown in his fight against Poseidon where he could keep up with his countless afterimages and blinding speeds,[8] even managing to overwhelm him.

Thousand Image Defense

Kojiro's innate ability and talent which allow him to memorize and analyze his opponent's moves to form a simulation of them inside his mind, visualizing and battling said opponent until he finds a way to defeat them.[12] This scanning ability is so advanced that he can already mentally simulate thousands of attack patterns that his opponent might possess after merely observing their constitution, gait, breath, and blinking before the fight even begins. When fighting Poseidon, Kojiro was able to improve this ability to the point when he not only was able to analyze his opponent's movements but also analyze the vibrations that travel through the air and ground, his movements being comparable to a god's.


Kojiro possesses godly swordsmanship prowess. Even when he was young, he possessed innate talent in swordsmanship, being able to block the opening strike of Kagekatsu Toda without prior training. Throughout his lifetime, Kojiro has fought a myriad of the prominent and legendary swordsman in feudal Japan, surpassing all of them one after another. During Ragnarok, Kojiro displayed his swordsmanship skill when he unsheathed his sword, which calmed the raging tides in an instant, which Musashi Miyamoto remarked was a form of enlightenment. Even after his death, all of the opponents he has fought in the span of his lifetime, and later the entirety of Humanity, all acknowledge him as the most powerful swordsman in existence in his fight.

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Ganryu Style

Kojiro's main form of swordsmanship, which involves standard but skillful movements and techniques with a Katana, namely, Kojiro's "Monohoshizao".

  • Tsubame Gaeshi:One of Kojiro's ultimate techniques unleashed in a position where Kojiro's sword has just swung downwards and he immediately halts the descent of the blade, switching the direction of his swing and striking upwards at supremely fast speeds. This technique has said to be able to catch a swallow, with speeds exceeding 200km/hr (124mph).
  • Tiger Claw: A sword technique Kojiro developed from training at the Seigen Toda dojo.Kojiro holds his katana with a one-handed reverse grip and delivers a powerful sideways slash.

Niten Ganryu Style

Kojiro's true swordsmanship style which infuses the dual-wielding of Musashi Miyamoto and his initial "Ganryu Style", which was used after his "Monohoshizao" was broken in two and reformed into two different blades. Kojiro uses all the swordsmanship techniques and styles he has amassed and perfected throughout the centuries and infuses it into a single all-encompassing sword style. This swordsmanship form mainly combines the Kodachi wielding of Seigen Toda, the flowing footwork of Sekishusai Yagyu, the brute strength of Ittosai Itto, the smooth combinations of the "Sword Saint" Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, and finally, the dual-wielding of Musashi Miyamoto.

Swallow Tiger Combo, Thousand Blades: Kojiro's final sword technique of the Niten Ganryu Style. Kojiro holds his left sword in a reverse grip position, delivering a swift strike akin to his "Tsubame Gaeshi" technique. Kojiro then immediately uses his second sword to deliver an even swifter slash. Finally, he uses both swords at once, slicing in a "X" pattern with so much force, it can destroy a gods' torso completely.


Monohoshizao: A divine Katana provided by the "Volund" of the Valkyrie. Hrist. Due to Hrist's unique nature, Monohoshizao can be reformed into two smaller katanas when broken.

Kojiro Sasaki quotes

For ages, men waged their lives upon those forged hunks of iron. To all those before me that formed the history of the blade... Thank You.

It's been some 400 years since I ascended. And yet I continue to endlessly pursue the way of the blade. Ganryu's evolution is far from over. In other words, this is my golden age."[34] (To himself) "Now then! How do I win this time?

Ah... This is it, huh... I wanted to fight more...

Have you ever lost yourself, and found you trained until the sun rose? Have you ever cried, tears of gratitude for those that made you stronger? Have you ever felt, love towards your opponent in a fight to the death?

The sword is our history. The hearts from idiots all across time. There's just no way that I'm losing to a guy that's never considered the hopes and dreams of others!

My path has always started with a loss. Once... just once... I... you know, I want to win too!

I guess winning for once... feels pretty good, huh?

Guess you gods are just selfish to the end, eh... No matter the time, you always think it'll go your way.

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