Who is Matsumura Sayuri?

PostedAt: Wed, Jun 2, 2021 4:49 PM

Matsumura Sayuri (松村 沙友理 )is a Japanese actress, model and a member of the Japanese idol girl group Nogizaka46.

In 2011, Matsumura auditioned for Nogizaka46 and was chosen as one of the first generation members. She was chosen as one of the select members for their debut song Guruguru Curtain and took the middle position for that song. On March 23, 2015, she was chosen as an exclusive model for the women's fashion magazine CanCam with Hashimoto Nanami who is also a first generation member of Nogizaka46. She was dropped from Inochi was Utsukushii's Fukujin due to a scandal, though it was not hampered her career.

At spring 2019 she played a supporting character in the 2nd season of dorama Kakegurui. She also will be the lead actress in the upcoming movie Tokyo Wine-Kai People.


  • Born August 27, 1992, in Osaka Prefecture
  • Another self-proclaimed otaku in the group. Like her friend Ikoma Rina, she likes manga, anime, and cosplay. She has desires to be a voice actress and had participated in several anime
  • Decided to try out auditioning for Nogizaka46 as she felt the results of her preliminary exam for university entrance were unsatisfactory.
  • Good friends with Shiraishi Mai. often been referred as Baka(idiot) Couple.
  • Known for her gluttonous, is able to eat a lot
  • Early considered to have a "burikko", "tennen" or airheaded, and moody personality. Recently she develops a frightening "yandere" alter ego
  • Often performed her trademark move, back then, the "Sayuringo punch"
  • she has the tendency to mimic onomatopoeia and gesture from manga and anime. in fact, things has become her habit and quirk.
  • As butt of a joke she considers herself the "cutest girl in the universe"
  • Known as "the big liar" in the group.
  • Despite her seems so stupid character and gesture she actually a bright student

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