What are the pros and cons of wearing a hijab?

PostedAt: Wed, Jun 16, 2021 11:06 AM

Discover the Pros and Cons of wearing a Hijab even before you started wearing it.

wearing a hijab Pros

1.You NEVER have to worry about your hair. You can go about a month without washing your hair and no one will have a single clue!

2.Your hijab will keep you warm in the winter without making you look like a potato sack.

3.Since you don’t have to worry about your hair, getting ready takes less time.

4.Hijab comes with hundreds of colors and designs. So It's easy to create new looks.

5.You can wear headpieces on your hijab and it makes you more unique and stand out in any occasions like a wedding for example.

6. I can go without a bra underneath and you won’t have a single clue.

7.People don’t as they can't stare at your boobs. It makes you feel protected, comfortable and safe!

8.People will take you to be more polite and religious than others. They think you can do no wrong. Your rebellious bestie's mom trusts you more than her own daughter.

wearing a hijab Cons

1.Wind is our enemy. Did a cute stylish hijab? Wind is here to ruin your day.

2.You sweat more than others on hot days. And in a normal sense, heat escapes through the head and is a good ventilator. So, underneath that hijab, I'm a ball of sweat.

3.Brought that cute pair of earrings or a stylish necklace? Forget it.You can't show off to anybody. But I know it is there.

4.As like jewelry, it is same with the hair too. You can't do stylish hairstyles. Because what's the point? But I know it is there.

5.Unfortunately, you loose hijab pins ALL THE TIME. I don’t know where they go.

6.Sometimes food gets stuck in your hijab and it's embarrassing as hell.

7. Whatever you wear, you have to wear a hijab on it. It gets difficult sometimes to look trendy and stylish.

In spite of all the cons, I still love being a hijabi and nothing can stop me. Hijab makes me feel protected and connected to Allah and that's more important than looking stylish and trendy.

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