Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies of all time

PostedAt: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 10:30 AM

While our parents generation grew up reading the comic books most of us grew up watching the movies and TV shows made out of them. With the increase in technology and camera techniques these sci-fi movies became more interesting and presentable. We are all familiar with the marvel cinematic universe and its list of more than 20 movies. MCU started back in the year 2008 with Iron Man as its first production and since then we’ve fallen in love with all the movies and characters presented. Here is a list of top 10 movies out of all in the MCU.

1) Avengers Endgame

With a limited attention span our generation does not have the habit of sitting through a long movie but for all the marvel fans even the 3 hour 2 minute long avengers endgame didn’t seem hectic enough. The strategizing against thanos, collection of all Infinity stones and revival of all the characters blipped was amazing to watch. The long fighting sequence at the end when characters from the whole marvel cinematic universe came together and fought against thanos and his army kept everyone on the edge of their seats with amazing twist and turns throughout.

2) Iron Man (2008)

The first ever movie of the MCU was a huge hit. The portrayal of cocky Tony Stark by Robert Downey Junior was commendable and his journey from just a playboy billionaire to the super hero Iron man we all know was quite engaging and encouraging at the same time. This movie laid the foundation for series coming ahead and Iron Man became one of our favourite character.

3) Thor Ragnarok

During the civil war everyone was confused about the whereabouts of Thor and hulk, these questions were answered in Thor ragnarok. This movie took a quite different approach towards characters and their relationships. New important characters Hela (Odin’s first born) and Valkyrie played by Cate Banchett and Tessa Thompson respectively were introduced. We saw the heartbreaking death of Odin along with breaking up of Thor’s Mjolnir into pieces and Asgard destroying. Despite all this it’s one of the most humorous and entertaining movie made in the MCU.

4) Avengers Infinity War


The first movie which merged together and created a single timeline for all the MCU movies.
The conversations between different superheroes is quite engaging and funny.
This movie has two parallel story lines with one being thanos collecting all the Infinity stones to wipe out half of the universe and the other being Avengers guarding the mind stone in Vision in Wakanda. The story lines collide at the end with a long fighting sequence and an unexpected ending with thanos completing his mission. This movie for sure made all of us walk out of the cinema halls shocked and confused.

5) Captain America civil war

We audience always had a habit of watching superheroes work together against the evil, this was the first time this bubble was broken in the movies. The Avengers got together but to fight against each other in the so called civil war. This movie introduced Tom Holland as Spiderman in the MCU and also revealed many other fascinating secrets and theories throughout. It also created a parallel thought and point of view for the movies ahead.

6) Spiderman Far From Home

This movie follows the events after avengers endgame and people being blipped back to the reality after 5 years. We go through the struggle of a young Peter Parker overcoming the loss of his mentor Tony Stark and trying to lead a normal teenage life along with his powers. We come across a very humanly side of this young superhero with him being in the negative shadow and his identity being revealed at the end. The ending leaves us all curious about what the next movies have to offer.

7) Doctor Strange

Every superhero in MCU was either created by technology or was a godly creature, but Doctor Strange had a different approach and presented a common man as a superhero through the powers of magic. This movie goes through the journey of Dr. Stephen Strange who after an accident in hopes of curing himself goes to The chosen one (Tilda Swinton) in Nepal who opens up the world for him he had never believed existed. After her death he gets the responsibility of protecting the time stone and the whole movie revolves around it. The use of CGI and action is executed quite brilliantly in the movie along with classic marvel humour.

8) Ant Man

The first edition of ant-man introduces us with Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) an ex con man jailed for Anti Corporate crime and his struggle to hold down a job. The movie takes a turn when he breaks down in Hank Pyms house to find out the shrinking suit and thus his journey of becoming ant man begins.
Lang is portrayed as quite a different hero in terms of his characteristics, one we are not used to. The movie has some amazing supporting characters and the story line that keeps us engaged throughout.

9) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The second edition of Guardians of the Galaxy series discovers the relationship between Peter and his father along with the history of sisters Gamora and Nebula. The movie also introduces Mantis who then goes on to be the part of guardians. Rocket raccoon’s CGI and character is amazing as the first one. The ending is followed by a shocking revelation and a feeling of a personal loss for every character.

10) Captain America – The winter soldier

The Winter soldier is the second edition of the Captain America movies which follows one of the best storylines in marvel cinematic universe. The movie has many twist and turns throughout which makes it quite interesting and keeps the audience on the edge of the seats. It follows Steve Rogers adjusting to the life 70 years after the first movie. The movie portrays the characters of Bucky (The winter soldier) and Steve Rogers in a way that is easily followed in the movies ahead.

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