Top 10 Best life hacks 2021

PostedAt: Fri, Jun 11, 2021 10:35 AM

You live and you learn, and you can find some pretty amazing things out along the way. However, there are still plenty of hacks for making life easier that you haven’t discovered, just yet.

This list will have you saying, “Where have these been all of my life?” Because yes, they’re just that good. From easily cleaning your keyboard to applying eye liner, these tricks of the trade will make your life so much better.

So, stop missing out on these genius ways of making things simpler, and start living your best life today!

Top 10 Best life hacks 2021

  1. Avoid clutter with practicing the philosophy of 'bring one thing in, throw two things out' at home.
  2. Always take the stairs, move your ass. Time spent keeping fit is NOT time wasted. No, I don't get bored when I'm running because I'm listening to an audio book, planning something or forming a strategy on how to approach a problem.
  3. Handle only once. If you pick up an item, open an email or check your voice mail. Respond, file correctly or take action immediately.
  4. Spend 'dead' ( e.g. waiting in a long line, commuting etc) time wisely by making plans, to-do-lists or learning something new.
  5. Say 'no' frequently. Accept you can't make everyone happy and your happiness is a priority.
  6. Get some good organisational tools and learn to use them properly, it pays off big time. e.g. Evernote.
  7. When packing for a trip or an event, sit for a moment and visualise how you anticipate a day will be. Start from waking in the morning through to going back to bed that night. Make a list all the items you will need and pack only those. 7.a - Take old clothes on vacation which you can leave behind and donate to charity. Hopefully you are following rule one and will have some space for the 'one' new thing coming in. :)
  8. Make a mental 'landing strip' for when you arrive home. Keys, wallet, work security pass, phone etc all into a familiar location. Use it and you won't be madly running around looking for your items in the morning.
  9. Tidy as you go and in general 'front load' your difficult tasks. If your job is to eat a toad today, do it in the morning. If your job is to eat two toads, eat the big one first (I'm sure I stole the example from a Quora user but can't think who. Sorry)
  10. A smaller home in closer proximity to your work, friends and interests is a much wiser choice than a bigger more opulent property hours away. You will learn to enjoy and be completely happy in a comfortable smaller space and you won't appreciate an extra spare bedrooms, separate dining room and the big back yard as much as you think. In fact you will likely see them as a burden.

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