The Most Effective Ways to Burn Belly Fat

PostedAt: Sat, Jul 31, 2021 10:39 AM

When it comes to belly fat loss it is hard to reduce. It takes hard work dedication and a healthy diet. Many organizations use BMI to calculate the fat loss. losing belly fat is difficult but you can follow several methods to loss fat loss.


Strength Training help to contract the muscle against resistance and build muscle mass and strength. Often thinking Strenth Training means lifting weights yes if you loss weight you must have to lift weights.

Lifting weight help to reduce weight and fat loss and also helps in increasing mucsle mass and provide strength to the body.According to Scientist 10 weeks of strength training reduce fat weight by 5pounds (1.9kg) and reduce calories by 7%..



  • Good sleep helps to reduce fat by 3% by sleeping 7 to hrs a makes you feel fresh Several studies shows that sleeping will result in weight loss.

    According to Scientist those who have 5 to 6 hours of sleep daily will result in 20 to 30 %of weight gain as those who sleeps 7 hours a day loss fat at 33%.A study shows that lack of sleep may increase the chance of obesity.


    Doing Aerobic training can reduce burn fat. There are lots of aerobic training you can do

    1. WALKING

    Its a low impact activity can everyone can do this activity it is also easy for beginners and helps to reduce fat.study shows that 30mins of walking regularly may reduce 2% of body fat

    2. CYCLING

    Cycling is also another cardi activity which is very effective for the fat loss.Cycling helps to increase Cardio vascular endurance and improve oxygen level and increasing blood flow and result in fatloss.


    one of the best way to loss fat is to run or a jog it is the best aerobic activity to loss weight or fat.Studies found that if you run 60% of your intensity level can reduce the total body fat percentage by 30.


    Alchol is the big threat to weight loss, consuming too much alcohol damage the lever and reduce the metabolic functions in body.Scientist found that person who drinks alcohol daily will gain 30 to 40% of their body weight and increase fat.


    If you want to loss fat you must include the protein in your daily food habits.Protein improves the nutrient value and improves the Metobism in weightloss and can prevent muscle mass

    Study shows that eating high protein increase the muscle mass and recduce the belly fat.Protein intake can reduce the calorie intake and aid in fat burning.Incoprate the protein serving in your meal help amp up to loss fat.

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