Star Wars: The Bad Batch - 9 Key Questions Fans Have For The Rest of the Season

PostedAt: Mon, May 10, 2021 9:26 AM

Fans have been anticipating the premiere of The Bad Batch for months now, but in some ways, the debut episode left more questions than answers.

There are now four full-length canon animated Star Wars shows for audiences to enjoy, with The Bad Batch's arrival on Disney+ giving fans undoubtedly the best premiere of any of them. The hour-long episode not only gave fans so much to look forward to in terms of what is to come in the next couple of months, but it also managed to confirm and answer many theories and questions surrounding the series, its characters, and its narrative.

As is always the case with a new Star Wars project, the fandom goes rabid with ideas and thoughts on what has come and what will come, and after this episode, a whole new batch of questions have arisen alongside some questions that have been around for months and have yet to be answered.

9.What Is Cut Luquane's Story With Hunter?

At the very end of the premiere, Hunter says that he knows a guy as the group deliberates on where in the Galaxy they should go, with this friend of his residing in the J-19 sector, AKA Saleucami.

As fans of The Clone Wars will remember, this is the residence of Cut Luquane, and it seems inevitable he is the friend Hunter was referring to. The question is, how did the two meet? How do they know each other? Was it a chance encounter like the one Rex had with Cut, or was it something more?

8.How Did Cut Luquane React To Order 66?

Sticking on the topic of Cut Luquane, like most clones who fans grow close to and grow an admiration for throughout The Clone Wars, on the back of the audience's mind is what happened to them during and after Order 66.

Cut was not an enhanced clone or some specially made clone; he definitely had an inhibitor chip. However, he was away from the war, so how did he react when the order was given? It is likely Rex, or someone else, found or finds him at some point and removed his chip, but it is impossible for that to have been before Order 66.

7.Do Clone Force 99 Join The Fight Or Try And Survive?

The Bad Batch's premiere teased a lot regarding the idea of moral decisions, of a moral grey area, of what is the right thing to do. That looks set to continue as a central theme, similar to a lot of The Clone Wars.

The most significant choice that will likely come from that theme is whether or not Clone Force 99 will join the fight that Saw warned them was coming. Whether they will seek to help people across the Galaxy suffering from the tyranny of the Empire, or if they will simply, at least at first, look for a way to survive in this new Galaxy, whether that be through shady means or not.

6.What Is The Role Of Fennec Shand?

Fennec Shand in Star Wars The Bad Batch

Fennec Shand was a pleasant surprise for fans in the trailers of The Bad Batch, and in them, it looks as though she is hunting Clone Force 99, specifically Hunter. However, her role is not known for sure.

There is a good chance Clone Force 99 could end up having to work with pirates, criminals, and bounty hunters to survive; Fennec Shand could actually be an ally. Or she could have been hired by the Empire to hunt the group, which opens a whole new strand of possibilities as it pertains to characters in the show.

5.Why Did Nala Se Help Clone Force 99 Escape?

One key yet strange moment near the end of the premiere episode came when Clone Force 99 attempted to escape Kamino and get away from Crosshair and the Imperials, and Nala Se helps them.

In The Clone Wars, she was never shown as being sympathetic or particularly understanding towards the clones. Yet here she overrode the control panel to stop the bay doors from shutting, allowing Clone Force 99 to escape with Omega. The question is, why? Was she doing it out of sympathy for the enhanced clones? Was she doing it due to her care for Omega? Or was she doing it because Omega knows something or possesses something important to Nala Se and the Kaminoans?

4.What Are Omega's Enhancements?

Omega in The Bad Batch

Speaking of Omega, she is the newest addition to the catalog of central animated Star Wars characters, and in her first episode, she certainly impressed with her funny, lovely, and interesting scenes.

It was confirmed that she herself is a clone, an enhanced one, just like Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Crosshair. The question then is obvious. Each of Clone Force 99 has such specific and impressive skills and enhancements, so what are Omega's specialties? Her name represents the last letter of the Greek alphabet, was she the final step to what the Kaminoans saw as a perfect clone? She is definitely going to be fascinating to watch over the next couple of months.

3.What's Going On With Wolffe & Gregor?

Something that has been on fan's minds since season 2 of Star Wars: Rebels is the fate of Wolffe and Gregor. Two seemingly random beloved clones who managed to survive the Clone Wars and remove their chip.

This show is the perfect place to answer the age-old questions of what happened with them. How did Rex find them? How did they find out about and remove their chips? They are a pair of fantastic clones. All signs have pointed to Wolffe still being with the Empire directly after Order 66, while Gregor was presumed dead after trying to save D-squad, so their fate is an interesting narrative thread.

2.Will They Go Back For Crosshair?

Crosshair in Star Wars The Bad Batch

Crosshair is the only member of Clone Force 99 whose inhibitor chip was still working in some capacity to a noticeable degree, as he sided with the Empire and opposed his brothers who wanted to disobey orders.

Tarkin saw this and decided to ramp his chip up to eleven, making him totally complicit with the Empire, betraying Clone Force 99. Despite the fact he is a bit of a jerk, he is being brainwashed by the chip. That raises a big question about whether or not the rest of the Bad Batch will ever find out the truth and decide to go back to try and save him, or if they will keep their distance while being hunted.

1.Will More Clones Rebel?

Clone trooper army in Star Wars Attack of the Clones

Clone Force 99, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, Gregor, these are all clones who, at one point or another, opposed the Empire, fought against them, fought for themselves, or for a rebellion.

With clones being pushed aside for stormtroopers, all while being brainwashed and made into complicit droids, it raises the question of further rebellion from clones. There are so many beloved troops still alive in the ranks of the Empire; seeing them come to blows with the new regime could be something epic. If, like Grey, they manage to override their chips or remove them like Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor, there could be more clones who fight with their free brothers.

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