Some psychological facts about attracting people

PostedAt: Fri, Jul 9, 2021 9:14 AM

Law of Attraction: psychological facts about attracting people.Following are psychological features that attract people:

If you think the science of attraction is just about that, think again. In reality, it is much deeper than if your face is symmetrical or not.

When it comes to the science of attraction or law of attraction, many people take it based on what you have. Are you driving an expensive car, living in a chic apartment, using dolphin hair gel tears? Things that are in a luxurious life. That's not what attraction is all about. Do not get me wrong, if you have these things you are likely to attract someone, but it will not be because of your personality.

The law of Attraction:

The thing is, sexual attraction is very complex, and materialistic needs go beyond. It's something that does not factor the amount of money you do or where you live. It's really much more complex than you think.

1. For men, it's about the eyes:

Men are visual. In fact, they have 25% more neurons in their visual cortex. Well, if you think that's not important, it is. They are more visual overall because of their visual cortex. They notice bright eyes, smiles, shiny hair - the overall physical appearance. Not saying women do not notice these things, it's just men doing these things more.

2. Body language:

It's all. People usually think it's the super hot women who get the most attention, but that's not true. In reality, it is women who use body language gestures like a smile, with a look, hair-flicks that do. These are basic gestures to win people. In a study on this topic, average-looking women who used these gestures were more successfully addressed by men.

3. It's about your childhood:

The next time you are looking for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, look at a picture of your parent - similarities? The research found that when we experience positive childhood, we are more attracted to people who share similarities with parents. The saying goes, "You marry someone like your father/mother," is not far away!

4. It's all pheromones:

Sure, she has a big smile and he's super funny, but really, at the end of the day, it's about the pheromones. Pheromones are attracted to both women and men. Women are attracted to testosterone, which shows the strength and fertility of the man. While men are attracted to copulins produced during ovulation.

5. Symmetry questions:

In men and women, symmetric faces in their partners play a subconscious role in choosing whom to associate with. Symmetrical faces are a sign of better genetics. Now, no one is actually perfectly symmetrical, with one eye slightly larger than the other, worry.

6. Periods authorized:

For heterosexual women, they find that attractive varies depending on where they are during their menstrual cycle. When a woman is at the height of her fertility, she is likely to be attracted to more "male" men. You know, the guys with muscles, a deep voice, and a beard. Games of the throne kinda mood.

7. Changes with the seasons:

You're probably thinking, "Oh my god, there are so many factors to the attraction." You're right. It also changes with the seasons. You probably think that in the summer season, humans are the most attracted to each other, but that's wrong. It is actually during the wintertime when people, especially men, women are physically attracted.

8. Where is the beard?

Women love a man with a beard. Well, if you have not a beard, you can still be attractive. This is more from a biological point of view than men with beards or stubble are considered to be healthier, more attractive, and probably better fathers. The beard is the protective factor that women seek when looking for a partner.

9. Physical games mental:

Research shows that if you find someone physically attractive, there is a higher chance that you will automatically pair with positive personality traits such as intelligence, kindness, honesty. It's called the "halo effect". And I blame this for many of my poor dating decisions.

10. Wear Red:

Red is really the color to wear when you want to appeal to someone. The color red makes men feel more energized towards a woman. Research has shown that attraction to color can become red because of social conditioning. But it goes much deeper. In other species such as baboons, reproductive parts are red, which attracts a buddy.

11. With contraception?

She probably thought only with birth control would prevent you from getting pregnant, but actually it's more than that. Research has shown that women who use contraceptives found themselves less attracted to men with fewer male features. Crazy, right?

12. Must love dogs:

Guys, if you do not have a dog, consider one. In one study, men were 50% more likely to get a number from a girl if she had a dog with them. Women love a man who loves animals. Why? Unconsciously, the law of attraction shows that not only are they able to take care of someone else, but that they are caring. A very big factor when looking for a partner.

13. Do not have to look like a model:

As many women try to have Victoria's Secret Model body, but here's the thing, you do not need it. Young men love the hourglass figure on women because it stands for fertility and their ability to reproduce.

14. It does not matter if you are black or white:

Whether man or woman, whether Asian, African, Mexican, or Norwegian - we all agree that we think, and is not attractive. We actually have this universal standard for appeal. Can you believe that? This is the only thing we all agree on. The law of attraction is unlimited.

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