Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: 14 Best Akumetized Villains that range from funny to fearsome

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir features a plethora of Akumetized Villains that range from funny to fearsome. Here are the best of them.

The French show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir became popular in North America after it got picked up by Nickelodeon and then the Disney Channel, while also appearing as a kid-friendly option available to stream on Netflix. The cartoon follows Marinette and Adrien, two Parisian teenagers with supernatural powers given to them by the magical items they possess called Miraculous. The two, under the secret identities Ladybug and Cat Noir, save Paris from civilians who have been turned into villains by the evil Hawkmoth.

Hawkmoth desires to steal the Miraculous from the two heroes. To accomplish this, he uses his magical Akumi to target anyone experiencing negative energy and transforms them into villains who do his bidding. Once akumatized, these foes each possess unique abilities that range from silly to super powerful, and Ladybug and Cat Noir have to find creative ways to catch them and turn them back to normal. Throughout the show's four seasons, there have been dozens of Akumetized villains, but 14 of them stand out the most due to their abilities and personalities.

14.Dark Cupid

Dark Cupid

After being rejected by Chloe on Valentine's day, classmate Kim is akumatized and turned into Dark Cupid, the opposite of cupid, spreading hate instead of love.

He can fly like the traditional cupid, but his arrows turn his target's feelings of love into feelings of hate with a goal of draining Paris of all its love, leaving the city in chaos until Ladybug and Cat Noir save the day.

13.The Bubbler

The Bubbler

Timetagger is the akumtized version of Marinette and Adrien's friend, Nino, who is akumatized into this fun villain after learning that Adrien's father won't let them throw the epic birthday party they were planning.

His power is the ability to create giant bubbles that he uses to send away all the parents in town, believing they are preventing everyone from having a good time. He can also attack anyone who gets in his way with exploding bubbles.



Frigtengale is what happens when a pop star gets akumatized. She forces everyone to be her entertainment using a magical microphone that turns her victims into a magenta-colored statue if they fail to speak or sing in rhymes.

She desires to turn all of Paris into a giant music video. It's certainly a unique power that results in some amusing moments.



Hawkmoth turns scientist Otis into Animan by preying on his hurt feelings, brought on by being made fun of for his love of animals.

His powers allow him to transform into any animal at will, even extinct ones like wooly mammoths and dinosaurs. Ladybug is able to defeat him when she realizes that transforming in rapid succession tires him out.



The silencer is literally able to silence anyone he chooses by simply touching his two fingers to their lips and making a shushing noise.


The voices take the appearance of jellyfish-like creatures that he can store in his mask and use to talk like the owner of the voice, a power that he uses in his vendetta against a greedy music producer.



Puppeteer is an akumatized version of Manon, a young girl that Marinette cares for who is targeted by Hawkmoth due to her feelings of loneliness when everyone is too busy to play with her.

Once akumatized, she can control life-size dolls that look like her friends.



Sandboy has a magical flying pillow that spits sand out of it, attacking his enemies. He can also manifest people's nightmares into reality which causes Cat Noir and Ladybug to face off against nightmare versions of themselves.


Sandboy also appears in the Gamer 2.o episode as a playable avatar. His identity is never learned, but he was targeted by hawkmoths Akumi after having a nightmare brought on by watching scary movies before bed.



The season 2 episode of the same name proved that even robots could be akumatized when Hawkmoth targets a boy's robot and friend.

Driven by his desire to be human himself, the akumatized robot gives awareness to inanimate objects. It uses them to wreak havoc on the city as anything mechanical or electronic is able to be controlled by the lonely robot.

6.Gamer 2.0


This version of Gamer turns everyone into a real-world brawl-style video game where the avatars are past akumatized villains.

Each time a villain is defeated, the player obtains their miraculous and gets their powers.  The villain certainly adds a fun element to the episode, and it's entertaining to see Ladybug and Cat Noir battle it out with the villain's powers.

5.Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp was the result of Chloe's feeling like a forgotten sidekick after her superhero persona Queen Bee was no longer needed by Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Her resentment leads Hawkmoth to transform her into Queen Wasp, who was able to control swarms of wasps that can paralyze people with their venom. She is also one of the few villains who doesn't transform back at the end of the episode.

4.The Evillusrator

The evillistrator

Marinette's love interest Nathaniel becomes akumatized and turned into this villain who could create anything he wanted by drawing it and bringing it to life under his control.

He also has the ability to erase things, even those he didn't create. His weakness is that his power only works in the light, rendering him powerless and vulnerable in the dark.

3.The Collector

The Collector

The collector has the ability to imprison anyone into his sketchbook as a drawing just by touching them with it. The collector is actually Adrien's father and villain Hawkmoth, who lets himself become akumatized to avoid suspicion.

His powers are motivated by the loss of his miraculous book, which Adrien stole. Once all the pages in his book are full, he cannot use his power, allowing him to be caught.

2.Lady Wifi

Lady Wifi

Before Marinette's best friend Alya learns her identity, she becomes akumatized after being suspended from school after her mission to reveal the identity of Ladybug goes too far.

Her powers include using cell phones to teleport and controlling reality as if it were an app on her cellphone, such as pausing people, spying on them through the camera app, and locking doors as easily as a phone screen. Unfortunately, her powers are useless without a good wifi connection.

1.Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Marinette's classmate Aurore is akumatized and transformed into Stormy Weather after losing a contest to become the weather girl on the local children's channel.

Her rage attracts the hawk moth to her, and after he akumatizes her, she has the power to control the weather. During her second appearance in the series, she becomes powerful enough to create a volcano and even manages to shift Earth's orbit.

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