List Of Most Beautiful White Hair Anime Girl

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Anime Girls adds sweet feelings, tenderness, kindness, and happiness within any given anime series.

these girls may make the world goes around, and be the reason why people are continuing to live;

keep in mind there are thousands of other awesome white hair girl s in anime series that needs to be mentioned in this article;Without Cute Anime girls anime would be boor to watch because these anime girls add kindness, sweet feelings and happiness in any anime.

but today we are just focusing on only the most cutest beautiful white hair anime girl, who really looks like angels.

So without wasting anymore time let’s start our countdown of 12 prettiest white hair anime girls

The Best List of 12 Prettiest Anime Girl With Silver White Hair

1. Seitenshi

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Ruler of the Tokyo area in Black Bullet.

Bright white hair and light blue eyes. Seitenshi is the ruler of Tokyo in the Anime – Black Bullet.

She always has her head held up high, is confident, calm and headstrong.

Never wavering or falling into a panic, even in the middle of a chaos or under pressure.

She has a great personality and an interesting character design.


2. Kanade Tachibane

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Kanade Tachibane from Angel Beats!

A main character from the heart-felt Angel Beats anime series.

Kanade is the type of character who’s always calm, even to a fault. And appears to have no emotions or feelings whatsoever.

But once you get to know her, you find that’s really not the case.

As she’s just introverted and generally not the best at making friends with others.


3. Mirajane Strauss

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Mirajane from Fairy Tail.

Sweet, innocent, gorgeous and generous. These words describe Mirajane’s personality from the anime – Fairy Tail.

She’s willing to listen to almost anybody’s problems without jumping to conclusions or passing judgment.

But will stand up for her friends and lay down the law if someone tries to hurt those she cares about.


4. Shiro

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Deadman Wonderland Anime character.

Fun, playful, innocent and thinks of others instead of just herself.

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland will have you cracking up at her daft behavior and funny moments.

Even though Shiro appears Naive, she is more powerful and smarter than most would give her credit for.


5. Orphelia Landlufen

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Childhood friend of Julis Alexia Van Reissfeld.

Orphelia is a character who’s later introduced in Asterisk War (Season 2).

She’s the childhood friend of Julis Alexia Van Reissfeld (the main character).

Unlike Julis, Orphelia has a dark personality along with a dark past. Her whole vibe is cold and disturbing.


6. Sakura

25 Of The Absolute Best Anime Girls With White Hair
Danganronpa female anime character.

Sakura is one of the characters trapped inside the “school” in Anime: Danganronpa. 

Who’s forced to play by the sick and twisted rules in order to survive.

Sakura’s a caring person with a big heart.

And will surprise you in more ways than one when watching the Anime series


7. Index Librorum

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
From a certain magical Index.

A 14-15 year old girl from the Anime – A Certain Magical Index.

She has a photographic memory, being able to accurately remember anything associated with images.

While Index may be young, she’s beyond her years as far as intelligence, independence, being responsible and maturity.

One of the traits that make Index stand out is her extreme appetite for food.

8. Sorano (Angel)

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
“My prayer… to fade into the sky… like an angel.” – Sorano

One of the previous members of the Oración Seis from Anime – Fairy Tail.

Angel (as she calls herself) is a cruel, sadistic, wicked and condescending character.

Who was abducted by the followers of Zeref (a demon).

Naturally Angel is kind and compassionate. But her cold and cruel past ends up changing her for the worst.


9. Lisanna Strauss

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Younger sister of Mirajane Strauss.

A little weaker in comparison to Mirajane Strauss (when it comes to strength).

Lisanna Strauss is the younger sister of Mirajane from Fairy Tail. And has a kind, gentle heart and a relaxed personality.

The type of person who can get along with anybody, and may even be too kind for her own good at times.


10. Tomoyo Sakagami

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Tomoyo from season 1 Clannad.

Tomoyo Sakagami is introduced as a violent girl who everybody else is scared of. Including guys (not just girls). Mainly because of her past of being one of the toughest fighters and getting caught up in a lot of fights.

But the truth is Tomoyo is just misunderstood. And is actually kinder (and softer hearted) than she first appears.

She’s also quite popular.


11. Irisviel Von Einzbern

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Wife of Kiritsugu Emiya.

Irisviel is a fragile woman with a surprising amount of inner strength, resolve and dedication.

She’s as kind and gentle as they come. And posses the ability to use magic (as a magus).


12. Tama

25 Of The Most Majestic Anime Girls With White Hair
Tama, an L-RIG from Selector Infected Wixoss.

Tama is the L-RIG of Ruko Kominato from Anime – Selector Infected Wixoss.

An anime similar to Yugioh and Madoka Magica.

Tama’s main desire is to battle and fight alongside Ruko Kominato. But beyond that she has a soothing, innocent and child-like personality.

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