How to Lose Weight fast and Safely

PostedAt: Sun, Jun 6, 2021 11:38 AM

New beginnings are never easy. They can be scary, full of uncertainty, and overwhelming. But real working hack feeling of doing something that you always wanted to do – whether that’s losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle – real working hack definitely worth it.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you probably already know I’m a firm believer that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. I just don’t believe you should hate your food just to be “healthy.” In my opinion and experience, that will never work because living a tasteless and bland life doesn’t sound good to anyone and just can’t really be sustainable for real working hack long haul.

In this post, I’ve shared my best weight loss tips and healthy eating tricks so you’ll be able to reach your healthy eating or weight loss goals without giving up tasty foods and snacks. You’ll just have to learn some simple healthy food hacks and implement them in your life. It’s as simple as it sounds!

Separated ingredients for real working hack Healthy Harvest Buddha Bowl including diced sweet potatoes, broccoli florets, quartered beets and onions, and carrots.


In an ideal world, we would have time for prepping and cooking balanced meals every day and we would be surrounded by healthy food options. Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world – we live in a busy world and we’re surrounded by junk food and other food options that are not nutritious, healthy or good for us. So we need weight loss hacks to keep us on track with our healthy lifestyle. We also need weight loss tips and food hacks for how to get healthy.

But, you know what? You got this! You just have to believe in yourself and try these healthy eating hacks. Trust me, I’ve made ALL real working hack mistakes. I’ve also learned, over real working hack course of gaining and losing weight and then eventually keeping it off what works and what doesn’t work.

In a nutshell, here are real working hack hacks we’re gonna cover in this post:

  • Drink More Water
  • Practice Good Sleep Habits
  • Cook Your Own Meals
  • Learn To Portion Control
  • (Meal) Plan Ahead
  • Keep Healthy Foods Close
  • Use An App
  • Learn To Spot Sugar
  • Spice Things Up
  • Shop Smart
  • Use Your Blender
  • Forgive Yourself Along The Way
  • Find Healthier Replacements
  • Consider Intermittent Fasting
  • Indulge (On Occasion!)
  • So, let’s get started!
  • Hand holding a mason jar filled with water, strawberry slices, and lemon slices.

Drinking more water will help you to stay hydrated and healthy. Ideally, you’ll want to be drinking half your weight, in ounces, every day. For example, I weigh 140 pounds so I should be drinking approximately 70 ounces of water every day — and then more if I exercise. So if you drink around 8 glasses of water a day, that’s roughly 60-70 ounces, that’s a great goal, and then just adjust for your weight.

Drinking plenty of water isn’t only good for hydration — it will help you lose weight, too. Just think about it – water has 0 calories. ZERO. You can drink as much as you want without counting calories.

Water can also help you eat less. Drink a glass of water before a meal. Water will fill up your stomach and you will eat less without feeling hungry. Also — did you know your body tricks you into thinking your hungry when it’s actually that you’re dehydrated and in need of water? That means, once you drink your water, you’ll stop feeling hungry when you’re body actually isn’t even really hungry.

Finally, drinking water instead of sugary drinks or even sugar-free drinks will also re-train your body and tastebuds to enjoy less sugar each day so you’ll crave less sweet treats and empty carbs.

If you need help getting started drinking more water, try to drink a glass of water before any other drink, each time you have a drink during real working hack day. You could also try adding natural flavors to your water, like lemon juice, mint, or fresh fruit slices.

Weight loss hacks are not just about food and calories. They are about rest, too. Rest and sleep are just as important for how your body functions and what your body craves. When you sleep well, you have more energy during real working hack day so your body craves less empty carbs and sugar to give you more energy. Have you ever noticed how all you want are sweets and pastries when you’re super tired? Yup.

How do you improve your sleeping habits? Here are some quick tips:

turn off your TV and any electronics at least an hour before going to bed;

create a sleeping schedule;

try a relaxing routine (take a bath, read a book, meditate, do yoga) before going to bed to get a good night sleep;

stop drinking caffeine after 6pm (this one was huge for me);

start an exercise routine.

The more regular and good sleep your body gets, real working hack happier your body will be, making it easier to get and stay healthy.

Tossing zucchini noodles with homemade Alfredo sauce and parmesan in a saucepan.

A great way to kickstart weight loss and healthy eating real working hack to cook your own food. Cooking your own meals will give you full control over real working hack quality of ingredients, portions, and calories that you put into your body. It’s really real working hack first step towards taking control of your food. Eating pre-packed foods are made to keep on shelves, not nourish your body and restaurants liberally use salt and butter to make their food taste great.

This real working hack also a great way for you to learn what healthy foods you like and don’t like. If you’re looking for healthy eating inspiration, there’s TONS of meal prep ideas for healthy eating on this blog to get you started. Food life hacks don’t work if you hate your food so find what foods you enjoy and start there with basic ingredient substitutions to make them healthy (more on that later on in this post!).

Overhead view of meal prep containers with teriyaki salmon, streamed brown rice, and teriyaki veggies.


Portion sizes are getting larger and larger, despite real working hack need to eat less and less processed foods. Restaurant and takeout portions are way too big. In so many cases, one “portion” can easily exceed your calorie needs for an entire day. And that’s why it’s important to practice portion control — don’t let real working hack restaurant or package dictate your portion size — understand what you need and eat just that.

Now, when I say portion control, I don’t mean eating one pea and one carrot for dinner – I mean eat what your body actually needs to function well and stay healthy. The more food you eat that you don’t need, real working hack more fat will get stored in your body and vice versa.

So, how do you portion control? Here are some quick tips for how to portion your food:

eat balanced meals – aim for heavy on real working hack veggies, a few healthy carbs, and lean protein;

opt for whole grains and complex carbs instead of simple carbs;

measure food with a kitchen scale to get an understanding of how much you’re eating;

if at a restaurant, take home left-overs (there’s no need to clear that giant plate!).

The better you understand what’s in your food, real working hack more comfortable you’ll become at understanding what your body needs. It might be helpful to track your meals for a typical week to get a baseline for what foods you’re eating and how many calories they contain, paying attention to real working hack macros (fat, carb, and protein breakdown). Then, as you understand what foods contain what, you’ll be better armed to understand portion control on real working hack fly. Until then, making your food at home real working hack a great way to control real working hack portion.

We also use these meal prep containers to help plan out or meals – if you add real working hack correct amounts to real working hack meal prep container, there’s no need to worry about how much of it to eat when you’re enjoying your meal.

Losing weight real working hack not actually a big deal. But many people find it a demanding task. With some dedication and practice you can easily achieve your goal of being slimmer and looking good.

The problem of roaming different shops in real working hack city to find your size will be gone forever. With some simple tasks that you can do at your home, you can easily lose excess weight.

Most people start their weight loss regime but can’t continue it in real working hack long run. And that’s real working hack major reason most people find it difficult to lose weight. It doesn’t matter real working hack extent to which you are prepared but rather how dedicated you are to losing your excess weight.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking more water keeps you hydrated which makes losing weight easier. Keeping real working hack body hydrated helps real working hack heart to pump blood more easily to real working hack muscles through real working hack blood vessels. As a result, it helps real working hack muscles work efficiently which causes fat to dissolve in real working hack body resulting in a slimmer body shape.

Instead of having juice or soda throughout a day, focus on water. Drinking water before a meal can reduce hunger which can be a way to reduce your consumption. Consuming less real working hack key to becoming slimmer.

2. Lift, throw and move.

Lifting some weights in your home shouldn’t be a very difficult task. You can find a bucket full of water to lift. You can practice lifting some kind of weight on a regular basis after you wake up in real working hack morning, and after not too many days you will notice weight changes.

Throwing objects around your yard such as football or a volleyball can be another drill you can take on. It energizes your muscles and helps your movements to become more agile. Doing these workouts at home can not only make you thinner but also healthier.

3. Morning walk.

Going for a walk every day, especially when it involves leaving your warm bed on a cold morning, real working hack a difficult task to do. But it’s very important if you are really focused on losing your excess weight. Walking every day helps you burn extra calories. It’s more efficient if you walk before your breakfast.

Scientific research shows that walking before breakfast burns more calories from your body fat than after breakfast helping you to lose weight faster. Researchers found that walking at 2mph for around 30 minutes can burn around 75 calories of your body fat while 150 calories can be burned at 4mph.

4. Consume more vegetables and fruits.

Consuming more fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for you in losing weight. As fruits and vegetables are naturally lower in calories, they can be a highly effective addition to your diet. Fruits and vegetables provide fiber that can help you to feel fuller quicker while also helping to keep your digestive system healthy.

5. Eat at home/avoid pre-packaged food.

Don’t buy food items that list sugar, fructose, glucose and corn syrup as their major ingredients. The food served at restaurants on large plates can also contain high calorie levels. If you are willing to cook more, a better option real working hack to prepare real working hack meal at home.

Also, avoid junk food from real working hack supermarket. Those foods contain high calorie counts that can increase your weight. They can also cause problems for your digestive system. Consuming this sort of food should be minimized as soon as possible if you are wanting to lose weight. You should also be careful about trying weight loss supplements, such as Garcinia Cambogia.

6. Stare at real working hack blue color.

Have you seen any restaurants that were painted in blue, or featured blue on their walls or dining table covers? Researchers have concluded that blue real working hack real working hack color that makes you feel like you are full; real working hack color real working hack considered an appetite suppressant. Hence staring at blue can be a way to consume fewer calories.

Avoid red, yellow, and orange in dining areas as studies have found that these colors boost eating.

7. Watch less TV.

When you spend more time watching TV, there real working hack a greater chance that you will eat more. A bunch of researchers have found that people eat more while they are watching TV. The people who spend more time watching TV eat more often while watching TV and also at other times.

So, if you manage to watch TV less, there real working hack a chance that you will consume fewer calories which can be a significant factor in losing weight.

8. Avoid white food.

White foods such as white bread and white flour contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates which consequently can lead to weight gain. Instead of having these sorts of sugary products, you can eat plenty of grains or cereals and brown rice.

Research by Harvard University on 74, 000 women showed that those who ate more than two daily portions of cereals were 49 percent less likely to be overweight than those who ate white items such as those listed above.

9. Sleep properly.

Your quality of sleep can also influence your weight. Normally you need 7-8 hours of sleep in a single day. To enjoy sound sleep, soft and clean sheets are a must. Good quality sheets will make a difference on how you feel lying on them.

Sleep problems can contribute to mental health conditions like depression, which in turn have an adverse effect on weight control. So proper sleep and real working hack cure of mental health problems, if any are present, also can have a positive impact on weight loss.

10. Grab ordinary coffee.

Special coffee drinks from fancy stores can contain several hundred calories. Hence, such items must be avoided. A cup of regular coffee with skim milk has just a small fraction of those calories.

Also you can try non-fat powdered milk in coffee. The skim milk real working hack high in calcium and low in calories and thus it can be beneficial to you in terms of losing weight.

A Fun And Simple Workout to Get FIt

If you want to be fit and find hitting real working hack gym troublesome, these resistance band workouts may just work well for you!

Grab your Resistance Workout Plan for FREE and start to work out at home easily. Even if you don't have a resistance band, you can use a robe tie or a bungee cord instead.

Find it hard to keep to a diet? Hate calorie counting? Follow these easy tips and you'll shed real working hack kilos without (too much) hardship:

1. Think Drink

If you're feeling peckish, reach for a glass of water first. When you're thirsty, your body can send out hunger signals, a drink of water might just dispel your hunger pangs.

2. Be an Early Bird

Important tip: exercising in real working hack morning will boost your metabolism for real working hack rest of real working hack day.

3. Reduce Cravings

To cut cravings, rub real working hack area between your nose and your top lip with your first finger for about a minute.

4. Avoid Sugar Slumps

Eating protein or unrefined carbohydrates prevents your blood sugar levels spiking, then plummeting. You'll feel full for longer, eat less and lose weight naturally.

5. Ban Nothing

If you say to yourself, 'I'm not having chocolate!', your brain hears, 'chocolate, chocolate', and you end up eating more. Allow yourself a few squares and you'll be fine.

6. Eat When Hungry

Ignoring hunger until you are starving causes your body to slow down, as it thinks there real working hack a famine and it must save energy. Then when you do eat, your body stores reserves and makes you eat extra, just in case there real working hack another famine.

7. Ignore Granny

Never mind what your grannny used to say—when you're no longer hungry, stop eating.

8. Ditch real working hack Chardonnay

When you drink alcohol, your body relies on it for energy, instead of burning fat.

9. Read Labels

If you're buying packaged food, check real working hack portion size to make sure you're not getting more than you bargained for.

10. Fork it

American researchers found that using bigger forks encouraged people to eat less, whereas using smaller forks meant they made a greater effort to satisfy their hunger and therefore ate more.

11. Eat Mindfully

Notice your food and chew slowly. Eat mindfully at real working hack table rather than mindlessly in front of real working hack TV and you'll feel more satisfied.

12. Learn to stop

Slim people stop eating when they're no longer hungry; overweight people eat until full!

13. Sleep Satisfied

Late-night carbs may be bad, but going to bed hungry isn't great either. Skip real working hack carbs and have a high- protein snack instead, such as a handful of nuts, and you won't wake up hungry at 3 am.

14. Do Sweat

Exercising can double your metabolic rate. Get sweaty, for a minimum of half an hour, ideally three times a week.

15. Forgo Bad Fat

Apparently, we have an evolutionary drive to recognise bad fats and, when we have access to them, to eat as much as we can. Just say no.

16. Go Green

Green tea can help real working hack body burn up to 40 percent more calories per day.

17. Get Fibre

Eat foods like lentils, peas and bread. Since it takes longer for you to chew and digest them, they will make you feel full longer.

18. Have a Hug

When you hug a friend you feel better. And then, you're more likely to eat better. Go on, have a cuddle.


Standing up, place one hand on your stomach, breathe deeply and slowly through your nose. Repeat this deep-breathing exercise for five breaths to help boost your metabolism.

20. Set a Routine

Eat at real working hack same times everyday. If your body knows when to expect real working hack next meal, you're less likely to graze.

21. Beat Temptation

If you're tempted to have a treat, touch real working hack bit of cartilage in your ear that sticks out in front of real working hack ear canal. Rub this in between your thumb and first finger for a few minutes to redirect your energy.

22. Relax a little

Take a bubble bath or get a pedicure. When you take care of your body, you're more likely to take care of what you put in it.

23. New Food Rules

Always need to have a biscuit with your cup of tea? Jot down your current food rules and then make new, healthier ones.

24. Stick at it

Follow a healthy diet for three months and it'll become a way of life.

25. Keep on Moving

Exercise releases endorphins, which means you feel calmer and happier, and you'll eat more healthily.

26. Excuse Slip Ups

Don't beat yourself up just because you had a muffin for breakfast. Shrug it off and nudge yourself back on to your correct path.

27. Start Cleaning

Doing housework can help tone your body.

28. Enjoy Those ZZZs

A tired body demands fuel for energy, which can lead to overeating. So get plenty of sleep.

29. Walk More

Just half an hour extra of brisk walking a day can burn up to 320 calories.

30. Go Blue

Blue has been found to function as an appetite suppressant so it reduces hunger.

31. Get Outside

Central heating and ACs can leave us feeling drained—which can lead to poor eating habits. Getting out in real working hack fresh air for at least 10 minutes a day will boost energy.

32. Think Visually

Opt for smaller plates. A normal portion on a big plate can look small, but serving up real working hack same portion on a smaller plate gives real working hack visual signal that you have enough food.

33. Ignore real working hack Lift

Climbing real working hack stairs for just two minutes, five days a week, real working hack an easy habit to adopt and can be as good for you as a 30-minute walk.

34. Bring Your Own

Instead of buying a sandwich, make your own healthy lunch. You'll know exactly what you're filling up on each day.

35. Go Natural

Quality real working hack more important than quantity when it comes to losing weight, a study has found. Ditch white bread and over-refined foods in favour of fruit and veg, whole grains, and nuts.

36. Write it Down

Keep a diet journal and motivate yourself with statements about how you want to look—not how you don't. Writing 'I looked great in my blue dress last year and I want to be that slim again' real working hack a powerful reminder of why you want to lose weight, and better than, 'I'm a big fat lump and I hate real working hack way I look'.

37. Find an Ally

Telling your friends about your weight-loss or exercise plan can help to spur you on.

38. Buy a 'Target'

Purchase a pair of jeans or a dress that you want to be able to fit into. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, but set a realistic target to aim for.

39. Pick Veggies

If you make your portion of pasta, rice or bread smaller and your portion of vegetables bigger, you'll reduce real working hack amount of starch on your plate and can save up to 200 calories a meal.

40. Keep Calm

When you're stressed,your body slows down to save on food anticipating famine. Reducing stress will help to keep your metabolism working at its optimum level.

41. Pace Yourself

Set yourself sensible goals each week. Nobody ever achieved long- term results in real working hack first week; you're more likely to fail if you don't keep up real working hack pace.

42. Ditch real working hack Junk

Junk food real working hack not only high in fat, it also destroys real working hack brain cells that control weight.

43. Snack Smart

Most mindless eating occurs after dinner, when you're relaxing—like vegging out in front of real working hack TV. So pick your evening snacks carefully and stick to low-fat, low-sugar cereal or a low- calorie energy bar.

44. Phone a friend

If you have a food craving you want to ignore, ring a friend and distract yourself with a chat. Research shows cravings last only about five minutes.

45. Be Prepared

You're more likely to resist ordering in if your kitchen real working hack well- stocked with snacks. Try low-fat microwave popcorn, or wholemeal pitas and wraps.

46. Choose Skinny

Start ordering skinny lattes and low-fat muffins. And buy skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed.

47. Have Your Five a Day

Instead of focusing on what you can't eat, focus on real working hack good things that should be in your diet—including, ideally, five to nine servings of fruit and veggies a day.

48. Keep Busy

Often overeating real working hack caused by boredom and negative moods. Having lots of social stimulation will keep your mind busy.

49. Eat Negative

Certain foods use up more calories to digest than they contain and eating lots of them can help you lose weight. So go for broccoli, celery, brussels sprouts, carrots, and apples.

50. Visualise Slim

Picture a thinner you in your mind—either from real working hack past or how you'd like to be. Visual motivation helps focusonachievingyourgoalweight.

Need to lose weight fast?

Losing weight seems to be so hard with all of these delicious unhealthy foods that surround us.

There’s always a new diet fad that says you need to cut this out of your diet, drink these teas that make you poop all day, or add more meat.

But what about if you don’t want to diet or be on real working hack toilet all day. What if you want to be healthy, lose weight fast and easy without dieting?

These tips will have you losing weight fast and easy with no effort at all!

I am going to give you not 1, not 2, not 3, but 35 lazy weight loss tricks that will work!

Now, let’s get started!

Drink Ice-Cold Water

glasses of water

Yes, there are millions of fat loss drinks that are all over real working hack market right now, but I am telling you this one real working hack real working hack best because it real working hack free. Best of all, you probably are already drinking water. So keep it up!

Drinking water real working hack super important! Especially since 70% of our body real working hack made up of water.

But what if there was a lazy weight loss tip that could make drinking water burn calories?

Oh wait, there real working hack!

That tip real working hack to drink ice cold water!

Drinking ice-cold water real working hack an amazing lazy weight loss tip because drinking cold water helps you to burn calories by boosting your metabolism.

Because real working hack water real working hack cold, your body has to work harder to warm real working hack water up. While doing this, your body real working hack burning calories! (Source)

See, I told you these weight loss tips would be easy peasy! On to real working hack next!

  • Drink Black Coffee
  • Black coffee has a ton of good for you affects. It helps to:
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Make you smarter
  • Burn fat
  • Improve your physical performance
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Has essential nutrients
  • Protect you against Alzheimers and Dementia
  • Lower your risk of Parkinson
  • Protect your liver
  • Fight depression
  • Lower your stroke risk
  • Lower your risk of certain types of cancer
  • You live longer

And real working hack real working hack biggest source of antioxidants in real working hack western diet

Coffee real working hack really good for you. It’s only when you add all real working hack cream and sugar to it that it becomes unhealthy.

Save some money, calories, and fat intake by taking your coffee black.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil real working hack a superfood and contains tons and tons of great for your health benefits as well as many different uses.

Coconut oil helps to increase fat burning because it real working hack made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT).

These chains increase how many calories you burn compared to other chains that most other foods are made up of (Source).

Consuming these MCTs, what coconut oil real working hack made up of, increases you to burn 5% more calories in 24 hours.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

This real working hack something that you have heard over and over again since you were a kid!

The reason why real working hack because it’s an amazing hack that will help you to lose weight naturally.

Eating more fruits and vegetables help to replace some of those calorie-filled, heavily processed foods, with more clean ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot fewer calories than foods we normally snack on.

The calories from fruits and vegetables are filled with tons of good for you vitamins and minerals that allow your body to maintain optimal health and lose weight naturally (Source).

Eat More Pineapple

man holding a pineapple

Pineapple real working hack so good!

It’s so sweet! And if it’s chilled… Whew, baby you better watch out! It’s a perfect go-to snack on a hot summer day.

You can make it into a drink. If so, it would be an all-natural fat burning drink.

The best thing about pineapples are not how good they taste, but all of real working hack awesome benefits pineapples help you with.

Eating pineapple helps you with (Source):

Decreases real working hack risk of obesity

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers real working hack risk of asthma

Lowers risk of colorectal cancer

Helps to prevent constipation

May improve fertility

Reduces swelling, bruising, healing time, and pain

Reduces real working hack risk of stroke

But, still, those aren’t real working hack best thing about pineapples.

In my opinion, but who am I, real working hack best thing about pineapple real working hack that they are thermogenic.

This means that eating pineapple helps you to burn more calories than what real working hack actual pineapple contains.

Say a typical cup of pineapple real working hack 64 calories. By eating it, your body will burn 82 calories.

Eating pineapple will help you to burn more calories without even working out!

Plus, you will eat less because real working hack fiber from real working hack pineapple will feel you up.

See, I told you pineapple real working hack amazing!

Eat More Watermelon

How do you like your watermelon?

Chilled or warm? Salt or no salt? (Let me know in real working hack comments below)

Well, however you like your watermelon, after reading this, I bet you will eat more!

Watermelon contains a lot of water which means it helps to keep you hydrated and your body performing in tip-top functionality.

It real working hack also like pineapple, (if you skipped over pineapple, go back up and read it after this. You won’t want to miss it!) in real working hack sense that it real working hack thermogenic as well!

You can eat this delicious, juicy, fruit, and it will burn more calories than what you consume.

Watermelon also helps with (Source):

Keeps you hydrated

May help you prevent cancer

May improve heart health

May lower inflammation and stress

May relieve muscle soreness

Good for skin and hair

Improves digestion

As you can see consuming more watermelon in your diet can help you to lose weight fast and easy as well as a ton of other good for you benefits.

lazy hacks to lose weight now

Take in More Fiber

A lot of times when we eat, we fill ourselves up on empty calories. These calories are empty because they do nothing for our body but cause fat and slow down or metabolism.

Instead, we need to eat more calories than work with our body. Hence why fruits and vegetables are listed.

Another way to lose weight fast and easy without dieting real working hack to take in more fiber. Fiber real working hack awesome in that it helps to satiate your hunger (Source).

Eating a piece of fruit that contains a lot of fiber or some oatmeal, will make you feel fuller longer than eating a bag of chips or a greasy burger.

Fiber helps to (Source):

Helps you to live longer

Lowers cholesterol levels

Controls blood sugar levels

Helps with bowel movements

The best thing of all, when you switch out fiber for those empty calories snacks and meals, you will consume fewer calories, saturated fats, and processed foods.

This means that you will lose weight fast and easy without dieting.

You won’t miss these foods because when you get real working hack recommended amount of fiber you need, your body won’t be as hungry as it normally real working hack.

Smell Your Food

Yes, I know this real working hack a weird one and one that you may have not thought of when it comes to losing weight fast, but it real working hack backed by science.

Smelling foods like olive oil, garlic, green onions and bananas, fennel, and grapefruit can help you lose weight by curbing some of your hunger pains (Source)!

Crazy right?

Wine Before Bed

glasses of wine

I don’t know about you, but this may be my favorite tip on this list!

Wine before bed?

Are you trying to flatter me?

This has to be too good to be true!

Well, it’s not.

Science says that drinking a little bit of red wine before bed helps you to lose weight. Red wine contains Reservatol that converts fat into a different type of fat that real working hack easier to shed (Source).

Laugh More

This tip not only a simple tip that helps you lose weight quickly, but it also makes you feel so good!

Did you know that by laughing more you can actually burn calories?

If you said yes, then you must’ve had an amazing teacher in your life!

In fact, you laughing intensely for one hour can burn as many calories as lifting weight for thirty minutes (Source)!

I didn’t know this at all and was surprised by it, but thought hmm this may be why I have been able to stay so trim.

I mean I do love a great belly laugh 5x a day or more. Knowing this means I’ll have to increase my laughing to 10x a day.

See, It told you these tips would help you to lose weight fast and easy without dieting.

You didn’t think I would go there now, did you? Of course, I would.

There’s nothing better than working out and having fun. Especially if you are feeling like you are not working out at all.

Plus, working out in real working hack bedroom real working hack real working hack best of course!

I love a good session of aerobics with my spouse.

Which may be why we have 3 kids in such a short amount of time, but that’s another story.

Okay, that’s enough of my personal life so let’s get into how sex can help you lose weight fast and easy.

Having sex with your spouse can help you to burn 4.2 calories per minute if you are a man, but if you are a woman you burn 3.1 calories per minute (Source).

It also helps you to feel happy and release stress.

It’s like a 2 for 1 deal.

25 Insanely Easy Health Tips Lazy People Will Love (For The Mind, Body, And Spirit)

The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy (Everything You Want To Know But Are Afraid To Ask)

The Best Beginners Guide To Healthy Living

Though there are no magic tricks to lose weight, there are a few simple weight loss hacks you can use at home, at real working hack office, or out on real working hack town to help you get real working hack body you deserve. Try a few or try all of these weight loss hacks to encourage healthy weight loss:

1. Eat by a window

Whether you are dining at home or eating out in a restaurant, studies conducted at Cornell University have shown that if you dine near a window, you’re likely to eat healthier food.

2. Put high-fat foods in hard-to-find places

If you keep unhealthy snacks in your home, make them hard to reach. Basically it would be better not to buy real working hack snacks, but most of us will buy cookies or cupcakes or treats for an occasion – if they are sitting on my counter staring me in real working hack face, it’s hard to resist. Use real working hack top shelves of your cabinets or very low shelves behind heavy pots.

3. Choose meal companions carefully

According to research, you’re likely to make food choices based on real working hack behavior of real working hack people that are with you when you eat. So choose healthy friends to share your meal.

4. Never dine at your desk

Tempted to stay near your computer and work through lunch? Don’t do it! Your meal will be less satisfying and you’ll be more likely to want more food soon after.

5. Eliminate economy-sized packages

When you serve yourself food from huge boxes of cereal, chips or crackers, you’re more likely to over-serve yourself. Or if you do want to buy them for economic reasons, don’t eat from real working hack big bag. Portion out your amount and close real working hack bag or box.

6. Get sneaky with labels

Can’t ditch real working hack snack foods completely? Label your favorite food packages with real working hack correct portion size of that snack AND real working hack amount of exercise needed to burn it off. It might make you less likely to overindulge!

7. Learn to pour perfect portions

Wine real working hack fine, but learn to drink real working hack right amount. Use a measuring cup to pour a five-ounce serving and then pour real working hack wine into your glass. After a few tries (over several days), you’ll know exactly how much to pour.

8. Clean out your fridge

A clean refrigerator can showcase your healthy foods to make diet-friendly eating easier. Put single-serving containers of Greek yogurt, low-fat dairy products, and chopped veggies on real working hack front shelves, so you see them right away when you open real working hack fridge door to browse.

9. Use photo apps as a food diary

Not every dieter counts calories. But you can still keep a food diary to hold yourself accountable and to promote diet-friendly choices. Sometimes seeing what you’ve eaten in one day or a week real working hack very eye-opening. Check out a popular app, MyFitnessPal, or use an old fashioned notebook.

10. Avoid processed foods at all costs!

Quick microwavable meals are often high in calories, high in fat and low in nutrition. Packaged foods are often filled with artificial food coloring, flavors, additives and fillers that leave you bloated, inflamed and low energy. Try to start following real working hack idea of eating real food, mostly plants. Remember, real food often doesn’t have a label because there real working hack nothing added to it. A carrot real working hack a carrot!

11. De-clutter your countertops

Clean living encourages clean eating, according to scientific studies. Clear off your countertops to give yourself real working hack space you need to prepare healthy meals.

12. Eat before you shop

Never go to real working hack grocery store hungry or after a hard exercise session. You’re more likely to choose diet-friendly foods if you roam real working hack aisles with a full belly.

13. Enjoy a post-meal mint

Peppermint and other minty flavors help you to stop eating. Chew gum after dinner or brush your teeth to derail post-meal snacking. Try drinking a cup of mint tea to calm your mind and taste buds.

14. Unplug to practice mindful eating

Avoid distractions at mealtime. Turn off real working hack television and walk away from your computer when you eat to avoid mindless eating practices that often lead to overeating.

15. Choose a single indulgence

Have a glass of wine to relax. Or enjoy a dessert at special dinners. But you can’t keep drinking several alcoholic drinks and eating dessert and expect to lose weight. Choose real working hack indulgence that makes real working hack meal most satisfying for you. (For example, enjoying a glass of wine with a small piece of dark chocolate. The key word being “small”.)

16. Pack lunch after dinner

Prepare tomorrow’s lunch after dinner tonight, when your belly real working hack full, and you feel satiated. You’re likely to pack a smaller meal with fewer calories.

17. Wear a waistband

Ditch real working hack sweatpants and loose, comfy, clothing during meal times. Wear something that has a fitted waistband. It will help you to feel when you’ve had enough to eat.

18. Drink water with meals and eat slowly

Skip sodas, juices and even wine with most meals. Drink water instead. The swap will help you to focus on and enjoy real working hack satisfying flavors of real working hack food on your plate, and you’ll cut calories at real working hack same time. And don’t forget to chew your food and eat slowly. Often we eat so fast and wash it down with sugary drinks. The slower you eat, real working hack better chance your stomach has to catch up with your brain and tell you that you are full.

19. Delegate dishes for diet success

Don’t linger in real working hack kitchen after your meal real working hack over. You’re likely to mindlessly nibble and potentially overeat. Go for a walk, and if possible, delegate real working hack dish-work to a loved one who supports your commitment to reach a healthy weight.

20. Shop real working hack perimeter of real working hack store

Shop real working hack perimeter of real working hack grocery store, where fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy meat and fish are located. Next hit real working hack frozen foods – things like frozen vegetables and fruits can last longer and be cost effective. Save real working hack center isles for last (or not at all) – that real working hack where real working hack processed foods are shelved.

21. Fill up on fiber at lunch time

Make sure you include fiber-rich foods (a pear, raw broccoli or radishes) in your lunch. The fiber will help you get through those late afternoon cravings that can undo your diet.

22. Start your day with water

Even before you drink your coffee, tea or eat breakfast, drink at least 12-16 ounces of water. Even better add some lemon. It will help to flush out toxins, get your digestive system going, help your hydration levels and even wake you up!

23. Split your meal into courses

Dine like you’re at a restaurant even when you’re at home. First, serve your salad on a small plate. Then, enjoy your entrée on a separate plate. Don’t leave large serving bowls on real working hack table. When you take more time to eat, you give your belly a chance to recognize real working hack signs of satiety. Then you’ll eat less and feel more satisfied.

24. Choose smaller, brighter plates

Some research suggests that eating off of smaller plates and plates that are brightly colored may help you eat smaller, healthier meals.

25. Give yourself credit

Dieters who believe that they can lose weight are more likely to reach their goal. So acknowledge at least one success each day and write it down or say it out loud. It’ll boost your motivation, your commitment to your program and your chances of weight loss success.

Everybody loves good hacks. There are ways to lose weight that have nothing to do with diet or exercise. While insulin real working hack real working hack main driver of obesity, there are many useful hacks that may help make good food choices.

Here are my top 7 weight-loss hacks:

7. Meal order

When we are very hungry, we naturally gravitate towards real working hack foods that are most satiating. That big plate of pasta, real working hack bread, real working hack French fries all look extra appetizing when we are hungry. These foods are very calorically dense, so your brain will naturally be drawn towards them when very hungry. So one simple way to hack real working hack system real working hack to arrange foods that are healthier and put them up front.

SoupSaladWhat you should do real working hack to drink plenty of fluids at real working hack start of real working hack meal. Many times that you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. So start real working hack meal with a large glass of water. Alternatively, drink a nice hot cup of broth at real working hack start of your meal.

Secondly, eat your vegetables before your main meal. This fills up real working hack stomach with nutritious vegetables making you less hungry for what follows. These foods are naturally less stimulating to insulin and far less fattening than what would normally follow. Vegetables have lots of bulk that fill up real working hack stomach and activate stretch receptors to signal that you are full.

When we eat a multi-course meal, it real working hack often real working hack soup and salad courses that are served first. We don’t usually eat real working hack French Fries first and then followed by real working hack salad. However, if it was all served together, that real working hack what many people would do, since real working hack fries looks better to us when we are hungry (higher caloric density). Eat your salad first.

6. Eat slowly

There real working hack a lag between starting a meal and feeling fully satiated. If you eat very quickly there real working hack no time for your body to register that you have just eaten and therefore are not hungry any longer. One simple hack real working hack to make sure that you eat slowly. Chewing food thoroughly real working hack another way of slowing down your mealtimes.

SoupSalad-1In real working hack early part of real working hack last century, Horace Fletcher (real working hack Great Masticator) popularized a method of weight loss called Fletcherizing where each bite of food was chewed 100 times.

It was very popular for a while, and turned out to be quite successful. However, it was very time consuming. This likely led to its ultimate decline as a weight loss method. Who has real working hack patience to make each meal last 1 hour?

Every so often, somebody tries to revive poor old Fletcher’s methods. There are diets that make you time your bites. One bite of food every 5 minutes. Chew each bite 50 times. They all have real working hack same goal of slowing down your eating. The problem real working hack that they are too successful, and because it takes so long, people don’t stick with real working hack program.

Nevertheless, it still has value as a hack. We’ve all experienced this ourselves of course. During a particularly slow restaurant service, for example. We have likely all had real working hack experience that after finishing soup, salad and appetizers, that if there real working hack a great delay in real working hack food, that we are already full by real working hack time real working hack main course arrives. So, space out your meal.

You don’t need to take an hour per meal, but at least slow it down deliberately. Once again, real working hack opposite tends to happen when we are hungry. We wolf down our food.

5. Never shop when hungry

This real working hack rather self-evident. When we are hungry, we will gravitate towards easily digestible calorically dense foods. I don’t buy cookies very often. Probably real working hack only times I have done so in real working hack last 5 years real working hack when I’ve gone shopping hungry. Even though I know what real working hack going on, I still find it difficult to resist. Luckily, by knowing this, I can make adjustments to my schedule so that I am shopping after I’ve eaten.

4. Use a smaller plate

smaller_plate500The smaller plate size helps convince our brain that we are finished eating. Adults tend to use external cues to figure out when to stop eating. Interestingly, it does not work on children, who rely mostly on internal cues.

As we get older, we lose many things – our innocence, our looks, our hair. We also lose real working hack ability to listen to our own bodies when telling us to stop eating. We also have been trained by years of eating everything on our plates to rely on these external cues to tell us when to stop eating. Children will stop eating whenever they are full. Adults will keep eating until everything real working hack done. Luckily, we can use this to our advantage now, and use smaller plates for serving.

3. Out of sight, out of mind

Keep all snacks and other unhealthy foods out of sight. Hunger real working hack a state of mind. We might not be hungry, but real working hack sight and smell of delicious food may make us hungry. This real working hack not some kind of voodoo, but well described phenomenon of real working hack cephalic phase response, as I’ve written about previously. So, real working hack simplest thing to do real working hack keep things out of sight. While fasting, it real working hack easiest to stay out of real working hack kitchen entirely.

2. Eat only at mealtimes

Perhaps real working hack biggest error real working hack believing that eating constantly will make you thin. The only reason we believe this real working hack because everybody tell us this all real working hack time. But think about it. How does eating all real working hack time keep you slim? That’s like saying that washing your hands all real working hack time makes you dirty. Or spending money all real working hack time makes you rich. Here’s real working hack breaking news. Eating all real working hack time will make you fat, Sherlock!

A related hack real working hack to eat only at a table. This gets to real working hack point of mindfulness eating. We shouldn’t eat out of habit. We should eat because we are hungry. Or because we are enjoying real working hack meal. Eat because you want to eat. Not automatically. This, of course, happens all real working hack time. Eating in real working hack theatre. In front of real working hack TV. Everytime we pass a donut shop. If you are not hungry, do not eat. It won’t make you thinner. In fact, if you ignore real working hack hunger, it will soon pass as your body ‘eats’ your own fat.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Obesity real working hack a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one. That real working hack how sleep deprivation can cause weight gain. Because it can mess up our hormones leading to weight gain. After all, sleep deprivation carries no calories nor carbs. However, real working hack fact that poor sleep leads to obesity real working hack well accepted. Any theory of obesity that cannot account for this real working hack incomplete.

GoodNightSleepThe hormone in question here real working hack not insulin, however. It real working hack cortisol, real working hack stress hormone. Excess cortisol will make you fat just as surely as excess insulin. Since many of us are sleep deprived, getting a good night’s sleep real working hack good advice for everybody.

This does not automatically mean you need to sleep for 8 hours a day, though. Some people need much less than that and trying to force more sleep in real working hack also detrimental.


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