Game Of Thrones: Every Lannister, Ranked By Fighting Ability

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The Lannisters are known to have some strong fighters in their family. But from the likes of Tywin to Joffrey, who would fans say is the best warrior?

The Lannister family is one of the most powerful within Game Of Thrones, having a great deal of influence within Westeros. While they happily throw their money around to dominate any situation, it is due to their incredible ability to have a game plan for a situation that gives them the edge on their enemies.

Because they have so many enemies, fighting is something that has to happen for them. Whether it comes to going to war on the battlefield or putting plans in place behind the scenes, the family members have showcased great ability to compete against others. But which member of this family is the strongest fighter?

11.Myrcella Baratheon

myrcella baratheon

Out of all the Lannister family members that are showcased within the series, Myrcella is the weakest in terms of fighting ability. She's never shown in that type of environment, which is mainly due to the fact that she is just a young girl on the show.

Because of that, fighting isn't something that Myrcella ever has to worry about, and even when it comes to the plotting and scheming that the Lannister family is notorious for, that isn't something she relishes in either. Myrcella is probably the most innocent member of the family.

10.Tommen Baratheon

tommen baratheon

Much like Myrcella, Tommen is not like the rest of his family. While they typically plot and try to gain advantages on everyone they can, Tommen is an innocent child who is thrust into a position of power and then manipulated, never making the big decisions himself.

He isn't someone who has to go into war or knows how to put together fantastic fights. He would rather try and find a more peaceful route first before resorting to war. However, because of that, he is instantly seen as one of the weakest members of the Lannister family because he doesn't ever get showcased in a fighting scenario.

9.Joffrey Baratheon

Joffre Baratheon's arrogance on the throne

Out of the three children that Cersei Lannister has, Joffrey is the best fighter. However, compared to the rest of his family, he's not great. Joffrey does have the chance to showcase himself in an actual battle, but he ends up proving himself to be a coward and someone who isn't anywhere near as strong as he thinks he is.

However, he does practice a lot, which is mainly because he enjoys the idea of fighting and torturing others. But while he knows his stuff, and he's happy to instruct people to act on his behalf, Joffrey isn't someone who can actually fight in a real environment.

8.Cersei Lannister

Queen Cersei Game Of Thrones

Behind the scenes, Cersei Lannister is one of the greatest fighters in the family. She is vindictive and cunning, always being one step ahead of her enemies as she proves herself as a great leader to position the family in the greatest possible manner.

However, Cersei doesn't get involved in any actual fights and isn't shown to be engaging in sword fights, which ultimately stops her from being one of the best fighters within the family.

7.Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister and The Moon Door

Tyrion Lannister obviously has a lot of disadvantages when it comes to being a great fighter. His height may be seen as a weakness to his opponents, but Tyrion doesn't let that stop him when it comes to fighting. He will happily get onto the battlefield to compete against any enemy, no matter the disadvantages he has.

Tyrion is one of the smartest characters within Game Of Thrones, and that often lets him have the upper hand when it comes to a fight. He showcases that countless times throughout the show, and that is what makes him one of the Lannister family's greatest fighters.

6.Kevan Lannister

kevan lannister

Kevan Lannister is often an overlooked member of the Lannister family, however, he is a fantastic fighter. Much like his brother, Tywin, his glory days are behind him by the time the show begins, but he does get to be involved in battles still throughout the show.

He has great knowledge and experience, and he is talked about in high regard when it comes to his glory days. He is someone who doesn't just have the brain, but he can back up any fight with a sword in his hand as well.

5.Lancel Lannister

Game of Thrones Lancel Lannister

You don't get to be a member of the Kingsguard without being a terrific fighter, and that was the case for Lancel Lannister. He showed his ability to fight in that group, which is what made him one of the best fighters in the family. However, he was even stronger when he became part of the Sparrows movement.

After he was brainwashed by the High Sparrow, Lancel was placed on a different path, which allowed him to showcase a lot of aggression and physicality within his fighting. Lancel is quite ruthless and violent, and he does prove himself to be a top fighter.

4.Robert Baratheon

Robert Baratheon is one of the people who marries into the Lannister family due to his relationship with Cersei. When the show takes place, he is another character who is past his best, as his physical health is declining and he likes to spend his time drinking instead.

However, he's another person that has a proven history of being a true fighter. Often alongside Ned Stark, he is someone who was once heavily feared for his fighting ability, and even at this stage in the show, Robert still heads out hunting where he proves himself to be highly capable.

3.Tywin Lannister

GOT season 2-Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister is the head of House Lannister for the vast majority of the series, and he is someone who is dominant and always in control. While he's not shown too much on the battlefield itself, it's very clear that he's a skilled fighter and somebody who has been able to hold his own.

He teaches his family everything that they need to know, and his ability to plot and plan ahead of a fight is something that always gives him an advantage heading into battle. He's a terrific fighter and that comes from years of experience, which he has.

2.The Mountain

While The Mountain isn't a member of the Lannister family by blood, he is the Bannerman for the house and he is put to work throughout the series because of his fighting ability. He is an amazing fighter and while he's not the quickest or most agile, The Mountain brings pure power.

He is someone who can destroy others with his bare hands, and when given a weapon he is even more devastating. He is one of the best fighters in the entire series, which is why he becomes one of the most feared men in Westeros.

1.Jaime Lannister

jaime lannister in game of thrones

Out of all of the Lannister family members, Jaime is the greatest fighter. Early on in the series, Jaime proves himself to be one of the best swordsmen in the entire series, battling against people with his skills, holding his own against Ned Stark at one point (who was also a strong combat fighter too).

Of course, losing his hand did mean he had to change his fighting ability a little, which is why he began to rely upon Bronn a lot more. However, even in losing a hand, Jaime still shows the bravery needed to fight against the strongest of enemies, with the Lannister ultimately leading several battle charges.

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