Falcon & The Winter Soldier: How It Started Vs. How It's Going For Sam Wilson

PostedAt: Mon, May 10, 2021 9:21 AM

Sam Wilson's evolution throughout the MCU has been a pleasure to watch. Here's how it all started - and how it's currently going for the old Falcon.

Sam Wilson has perhaps had the greatest amount of evolution out of all the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where he started in comparison to where he is now is quite incredible. Wilson has always been a hero and has consistently served his country in battle.

However, his days as the Falcon have shown just how selfless Wilson really is. It's no wonder that he was the perfect man to pick up the shield when the time came to name a new Captain America. One of the great things about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is it allowed for the completion of Sam's story, demonstrating the endpoint of the path he was always meant to be on.

10.Former Military Man

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson Falcon and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers Captain America in Winter Soldier

When Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson first met one another, the latter noted that he had previously flown as part of the US military. Rogers assumed that he had been a pilot, but of course, that wasn't exactly accurate. Falcon had earned his wings on a variety of dangerous missions.

He had developed a number of skills that would later make him a perfect Avenger's candidate. His time in the US military has continued to define the man and the hero. His modern struggles with authority and what it means to represent his country date back to this time period. However, his most notable traits of loyalty and humility were present at the start of his career.

9.Hanging Up The Wings

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff Black Widow Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson Falcon Captain America The Winter Soldier

For a time Sam Wilson lived a quiet and relatively normal life, hanging up his wings to try and fit back into the world after seeing so much conflict. During this time he set up a support group for veterans and those who also served their country. It was a decision that Steve Rogers would later replicate during the blip.

Sam clearly hungered to get back in the field though. Although he had found his purpose there was definitely a much bigger calling for Wilson to answer. During this time, however, he would have formed an even stronger bond with his family, which is shown further in the Disney+ show.

8.Jumping Back Into Battle

Falcon In Captain America Winter Soldier

Despite not being a super soldier like the man he would partner with, Sam Wilson wilfully stepped back into the field to protect his country from the corruption that was taking over its security services. The Falcon officially made his debut and it was a monumental moment for comic book fans.

Wilson's unique set of skills meant that he could keep up with even the most dangerous of Hydra Agents. This is when his initial conflict with the Winter Soldier began, which would eventually come full circle through their own partnership. It's hard to imagine that Sam actually thought he would ever don the wings again.

7.Joining The New Avengers

Sam Wilson Captain America Avengers Endgame

Sam Wilson had already proven that he was dedicated to the role and was effective and reliable. It's not too shocking that he, therefore, made the cut when it came to creating the New Avengers. As one of the few members of the team without powers, this was a big accomplishment for the Falcon.

His first few missions were a success, although this all came crashing down once the Scarlet Witch accidentally caused an international incident in Lagos. During his time with the Avengers though he became one of their most significant members and could potentially lead the team in the future, demonstrating his journey.

6.Conflict With Ant-Man

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson Falcon

Sam Wilson has changed in many ways across the MCU, but during his early days in the Avengers, he was put in charge of protecting their main facility and HQ. Unfortunately, Ant-Man attacked while he was on duty and a battle broke out.

At this time Wilson still wasn't too accustomed to fighting against those who have special abilities. In the years since he has developed numerous techniques which could counter a threat like Ant-Man. This was certainly a learning experience for the character; one that Steve should never find out about.

5.The Civil War

Falcon Sam Wilson with Team Captain America Ant-Man Hawkeye Scarlet Witch Winter Soldier

The super-hero Civil War is one of the most critical moments in the community's history. With the two sides pitted against one another all based around the government's Sokovia Accords, Wilson had a big decision to make. He chose to side with the man he trusted the most, Captain America.

It wouldn't be the last time that he questioned authority, but he put his faith in the shield; ironic considering he would one day be the man to wield it. His decision and dedication during the Civil War and ultimate imprisonment in the Raft really revealed his true character. He was one of the few on the opposition that Tony Stark genuinely respected.

4.On The Run

Wilson's decisions during the Civil War cost him his freedom. On the run, he formed part of the Secret Avengers alongside the likes of Black Widow and the new Nomad. It was a period of uncertainty, one where he likely couldn't even visit his family.

Despite this, he still fought on the side of justice. When the time came he stepped up and would face Thanos head-on in both the much larger battle and in a personal confrontation with the Mad Titan. Even though his country rejected him, he would still go down fighting for it.

3.The Blip

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson and Adepero Oduye as Sarah in Falcon and Winter Soldier

The blip was the most important and devastating moment in human history for the MCU. With half of the universe completely wiped out, chaos broke loose. Sam Wilson was amongst those who faded into ash, seemingly never to return again.

His family mourned the loss and their own lives became significantly harder. The absence of Sam Wilson was certainly felt amongst Earth's mightiest, especially Steve who tried to honor his legacy. Sam Wilson's return was one of the most celebrated, considering it was his voice audiences would get to hear first; perhaps a sign of him leading Marvel into the future.

2.Return & Duty

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier took a lot of inspiration from the comics. Despite Steve passing the shield to Sam, Falcon was reluctant to use it at first. It represented a lot; more perhaps than he could comprehend at the time. He thought it was best as a museum piece, to honor Steve's legacy.

He certainly wouldn't stop serving though, continuing to run a number of missions, eventually alongside new and old allies. The emergence of the Flag Smashers, Battlestar, and a new Captain America, alongside a number of discussions with Isiah Bradley, showed Wilson what he needed to do.

1.The Star-Spangled Man

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Compared to where he started, Sam Wilson is in a totally different place today. As the MCU's new Captain America, all of his years of experience have demonstrated exactly what he needs to be in the role. There's potentially even a new Falcon on the scene with Torres.

Time will only tell how Sam's career evolves from here. However, it seems that despite being powerless, his shield, wings, leadership abilities, experience, and loyalty have ultimately made him the perfect candidate to lead a completely different generation of Avengers.

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