Best and healthy way to lose weight Faster

PostedAt: Sun, Jul 4, 2021 10:00 AM

A healthy person is focused on what he has to do during the whole day and he is clear in his thinking. A healthy person is cautious and never compromises on the quality of food he eats. A healthful food in compressed form is better than bulk food like junk with many adverse effects on human health.

A healthy person always takes care to take regular exercise which keeps him fit. He involves himself in positive activities which boost his dopamine levels necessary for good mental health. He socializes with those who are good at heart because being social is one of the healthy activities a person can nourish to keep his mental health intact.

A healthy person tries to keep his home environment neat and clean and is not only contented by himself but also tries to keep everyone around him happy and peaceful.

A healthy person tries to keep away from quarrels and fights as they have the capacity to mitigate the self esteem and self worth of a person which eventually cause fatigue and frustration in his mind which is so detrimental to his health.

A healthy person drinks enough water to keep his body refreshed all the time and is never oblivious to his well being. He does not eat constantly throughout the day, rather he keeps a gap of at least 5 to 6 hours between the meals.

Eating in the morning to one’s fill is desirable, and eating less in the afternoon is more advisable and eating even lesser before sleep is even more praiseworthy.here are some Best and healthy way to lose weight Faster

1. Start the day with breakfast, speed up your metabolism.

There is no one who does not know or hear the importance of breakfast.

However, one of the biggest mistakes made is the most important meal of the day, which is always skipped due to time or appetite. Having breakfast within one hour after waking up is the most important step that increases the speed of your metabolism. Those with time problems may prefer more practical, while those with appetite problems may prefer light options.

2. Do not skip meals, eat often.

Do not forget that not eating in the evening, spending lunch with fruit, thinking about calorie restriction and not snacking will actually return you more weight in the long run. The first condition of permanent and healthy weight loss is to feed regularly and not to starve the body.

3.Choosing the right carbohydrate

Isn't it familiar to say that I cut the bread, I only eat protein? But if you want to lose weight permanently, you should get rid of this thought. Using the right amount of useful carbohydrates will save both your energy during the day and your weight in the long term. When choosing carbohydrates, you can use cereal options instead of foods prepared with sugar and white flour. If you do not want to use grain bread for your bread, believe me, preferences such as bulgur(Wheat Rice), whole wheat pasta or brown rice will help you lose weight.

4. Sufficient water

Many people think that they do not need water and do not drink enough water due to colder weather during the winter months. However, even if you do not feel it, water is necessary for all metabolic events that take place in your body. If you do not like to drink water, you can use methods that enhance the aroma of water such as fruit, mint and cinnamon, or you can increase your daily fluid intake by adding choices such as soup and ayran (Yogurt Drink) to your life.

5. The right snacks

Check out the snacks that accompany you during your friends meetings, enjoying a movie in the evening with your spouse, watching a favourite TV show, briefly in your social life. They are generally high-calorie foods that contain small amounts of carbohydrates and fat. You do not need to get away from your social life just because you want to lose weight, you can use healthy recipes with lower calories. A whole grain cheese pastry, fruit chips you get by slicing and baking the fruit thinly, and sugar-free milk desserts are actually so many options .

6.Eat on small plates

Be sure that the shrinkage of your plates will weaken you because the brain tends to work on completion. While the same amount of food that looks fuller in a small plate fills your eyes, you get fewer calories than a large plate. Moreover, the brain has already sent the satiety signal for the food in the completed plate.

7. Move

The higher the calories expended, the easier it is to lose weight. Try to move more every moment of the day. You don't need to sign up for the gym, you can take walks, ride a bike with your friends, or even dance yourself at home. Just look for excuses to move more.

8.Pay attention to your sleep

Regular sleep has a great effect on weight control. Many studies recommend regular sleep hours for both adjusting the metabolic rate and controlling the amount of food intake. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of quality sleep per day.

9.Eat fiber

It goes through foods with high miracle fibre content that will make you feel fuller, balance your blood sugar, regulate your digestive system, and most importantly, speed up your metabolism. Vegetables, fruits and legumes are foods high in fibre. Adding salads to every meal, consuming 1-3 servings of fruit a day, having a meal with vegetables every day, consuming legumes at least 2 meals a week will make you feel fit for the summer.

10. Fish once a week

If you want to benefit from both protein, omega 3 and beneficial fatty acids, you should definitely consume fish. Remember that people who consume fish regularly lose weight more easily and have better cardiovascular health.

11. Make use of herbal teas

It's a calorie-free option that will best cut the urge to eat and drink. Moreover, it is an advantage to increase the metabolic rate. Especially green tea and white tea are two indispensable options for weight control. Making it a habit to brew with cinnamon and consume two cups a day will give you a lot.

12.Use the spices

Forget about the tasteless dishes that come to mind when it comes to diet. While losing weight, you don't have to eat tasteless foods. Restrict salt, but you don't have to eat completely salt-free. Apart from that, you can use all the spices to both flavour your meals and speed up your metabolism. Be sure to add flavouring spices such as red chili, mint, thyme, cumin, and turmeric to your meals.

Summer are great months to prepare yourself and your body. It is possible to get fit in the summer by adding some healthy habits to your life without ever tiring your metabolism, going hungry. If you give at least 2-4 kg each month, you will be 6-12 kg slimmer in summer.

You can try the list above for preparing weight loss for the summer months.

Hope you find this useful tips helpful!

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