20 Best ways how to be a good-looking Gentleman

PostedAt: Fri, Sep 10, 2021 5:03 PM

Well, if you need some tips for fat loss or mass gain or healthy skin, a lot of dietitians, beauticians, and health and fitness trainers have already written answers.

But if you are looking for best ways how to be a good-looking Gentleman?

Then, Try a few of these points and you will be surprised by the reaction of people around you.

Here you go:

1. Take shower every day. Every day, and not just after some hard physical work.

2. Change your socks every day. Yes, you got it right. Wear clean socks every morning.

3. Trim the hair in the nose and ears (if any).

4. Wear a clean shirt or jersey every day. I repeat, clean fresh shirt. Every day.

5. Apply antiperspirant on clean armpits. Yes, exactly, only on cleanly washed armpits.

6. Clean your shoes. A beautiful well-fitted suit looks disgusting with dirty shoes.

7. White socks look appropriate only with joggers. Yes, not with shoes and not black pants.

9. No socks with sandals, flip-flops, etc.

10. If you have a big belly - don’t wear tight-fitting shirts.

11. Don’t blow your nose and expectorate on the street in public.

12. Do not eat garlic before work. Have pity on the people. Please!

13. Watch the length of the pants. Neither too short nor too long. One fold in the front is the rule.

14. If you are going bald, accept it. Don’t hide the bald patch behind the three hairs. Get a short haircut or simply shave your head.

15. If you are physically weak, do not strive. There are many strong men in the movie "The Expendables". If you want to become strong - go for training. Do exercise. If you have no desire in becoming physically strong - prove with your work that you are a strong man.

16. Never sit back in life (see point 15). It doesn’t make a man attractive.

17. Don't give up. A man can not be a pessimist. If something did not work out this time, it will definitely work out later. Believe me, it will.

18. Don’t envy other men. Just make a plan, work hard and achieve more than others. A gentleman never envies others. That’s it!

19. Don’t cry and don’t whine, never complain. It’s not, what a James Bond would do.

20. Don’t try to prove anything to someone. This is not the meaning of a man's life.

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