10 Things You Didn’t Notice About Captain America’s Fighting Style

PostedAt: Mon, May 10, 2021 9:01 AM

Over the last few years, MCU fans have seen three characters take up the mantle of Captain America. But how did their fighting styles differ?

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, three Captain Americas bring their spin on the iconic mantle, from the uniform to their personality. Steve Rogers is the original who laid the foundation for other characters to follow. John Walker is the brutal government successor, who tries to be the best Captain America that he can be. And Sam Wilson, who is Steve's true successor and the character who brought his own identity with him when wielding the iconic shield.


Regardless, the one shared characteristic that they all have in common is their fighting style, which evolves and adapts depending on the situation they set themselves in. Although newcomers might miss these little details, there are quite some interesting facts about the different fighting styles of each Captain America.

10.Basic Brawler Days

In the alleyways of World War 2, New York City, a young Steve Rogers attempts to enlist in the US Army to serve his country. However, due to his tiny frame and health problems, he often enlisted repeatedly without success. Sometimes he got into fights that he knew were fruitless, yet continues to fight because he doesn't stand any bullies, big or small.


During a scene in the first Captain America movie, Rogers fought against a bully who was disrespectful in a movie theater. Although he had no advantage due to his frame, he tries to fight with straight hooks and keeps getting up each time he's knocked down. These elements are the stepping stones that Rogers employed in his fighting style, his passionate solid punches, which became helpful in future fights like the Red Skull.

9.Super Soldier Abilities To His Advantage

Chris Evans' Captain America stands among Hydra soldiers

As soon as Steve Rogers obtained the super-soldier serum, his fighting style started to change dramatically, becoming a threat against Hydra. Outside of basic army training, Rogers began to use his super-soldier abilities to his advantage, with every hit launching his enemies further than any punch or kick from an ordinary soldier.

Rogers also starts to use his iconic Captain America shield as a weapon, using it offensively by throwing it against enemies and defensively against gunfire. However, compared to the fighting style that he uses in future films, it is still rudimentary and remains a foundation for what will appear in the Winter Soldier.

8.Captain America's Fighting Style Changed Due To The Video Game

Falcon Sam Wilson Anthony Mackie Chris Evans Captain America

Comparing the fighting styles between Captain America: The First Avenger and the Winter Soldier movie is a sudden change that's welcome amongst fans. This change was because the filmmakers took inspiration from the First Avengers video game during the development of the film's choreography.

Chris Evans mentioned how the choreography from the video games influenced the movie because of the fluidity of the combat. The inspiration evolved Captain America's fighting style from now on, having some of the best choreography in the MCU.

7.In Lore, It's Probably Because Of Loki's Invasion

Loki in The Avengers (2012)

Steve Rogers likely modified his fighting style following his fight against Loki and his army during the Avengers. Steve didn't hone his fighting style and capabilities because he recently got out of the ice and didn't have enough time to adjust to his new surroundings.

After the Avengers film, Steve Rogers started to take advantage of his super-soldier physique and started using contemporary martial arts to fight against Hydra, Ultron, and Thanos.

6.Steve Rogers Fighting Style Became Fluid And Creative

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Roger's fighting style has evolved to become fluid, fighting with modern martial arts and better usage of his shield. His new versatility allows him to resist almost any opponent across him in different terrains, such as an elevator.

He can bounce his shield off of other walls, floors, and opponents to gain an edge in a fight. Finally, his new fluid fighting style allows him to fight against assassins like the Winter Soldier and tyrants like Thanos, thanks to the fact that he combines his super-soldier physique with each blow he produces.

5.John Walker's Fighting Style Relies On The Shield As A Weapon

Falcon Winter Soldier John Walker Captain America

When John Walker first appeared as the second Captain America in the Disney+ show, viewers were curious about what he would bring to the mantle and if he is good or bad. He's a capable soldier who has good physical capabilities, at least for peak human standards, as it wasn't enough against a group of super-soldiers.

Before taking the serum, Walker primarily fought with basic strikes and keeping his distance with the shield. Walker uses the shield primarily for offense tactics and rarely for defense, making up for his lack of superhuman capabilities and allowing him to hold out in a fight for a brief period.

4.John Walker Became Brutal After His Super-Soldier Serum

After John Walker took the super-soldier serum, his fighting style has evolved brutally instead of efficiently, as he takes advantage of his new strength by employing it against the Flag Smashers. Walker's shield throws have power to them, and he can contend with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson thanks to his new strength.

However, his brutality comes at a cost as he swings the shield like a sword, and his reliance on defense has decreased dramatically. This anger causes him to have tunnel vision because he can get overwhelmed easily due to the side effects of his new super-soldier abilities.

3.Sam Wilson's Fighting Style Is Evasion And Defense

falcon and the winter soldier sam wilson captain america poster

Sam Wilson is the true successor of the Captain America mantle, and this is characterized by his fighting style, where he tends to focus on defensive tactics as opposed to John Walker's brutal offense.

Sam Wilson uses his Vibranium wings and gear to his advantage, using it alongside the shield to capitalize on defense and momentum. Wilson's dodges rely on graceful movements, and he only uses the shield if necessary, never using it as a means of killing someone with malicious intent.

2.Sam Treats The Shield With Respect

Anthony Mackie as Captain America Sam Wilson in Falcon and Winter Soldier

When John Walker uses the shield, he treats it like a blunt object capable of killing anyone who opposes him. However, when Sam Wilson uses it, he treats it with the respect and dignity that the shield deserves. Wilson uses the shield almost exclusively for saving other people and defending himself; rarely does he use it to kill someone.

When he does use the shield in combat, its application is limited since he either uses it for defense or throws it against the Flag Smashers. Wilson did use the shield alongside his jetpack for strikes and kicking the shield upward during his fight against Batroc to gain a slight advantage in the battle.

1.Every Captain America's Style Evolves Depending On The Threat

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson aka Captain America for Falcon and the Winter Soldier

From Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson, the most consistent aspect with the different Captain America's is how their styles evolve depending on the current situation.

Rogers developed because he had to adapt to more vigorous opponents in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Thanos. John Walker's fighting style saw him become more violent due to his increasing stress and the loss of his best friend in the fight against the Flag Smashers. However, Sam Wilson's usage of the shield is from his desire to end the conflict as soon as possible while taking advantage of his vibranium wings and gear.

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