10 Incredible Anime That Will Likely Never Be Finished

PostedAt: Tue, Jul 27, 2021 12:53 PM

Some incredible anime series and movies have been created but some have still yet to finish for a variety of reasons.

The world of anime is complex and at times quite frustrating. Some series manage to extend for a long time and produce spin-offs and tie-ins galore. Other series are cut short, either due to quality issues or a general lack of story. In most cases, the anime cannot keep up with the slower pace of the manga and thus deviations occur. Some deviations are interesting and compelling while others can make one shake their head in disappointment.

Some anime series are lucky and get second chance at life. Conversely, some anime will probably never be continued and one has to live with what they got. At least fans have the manga to fall back on when that itch for more of the story arises.

10,Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish Mom And Young Daughter Standing Next To Each Other At Aquarium

It takes a talented team to look at the world of anime through the eyes of Otaku. The wrong approach can leave viewers feeling empty or even insulted. Yet one great series managed to delve deep into the minds of several Otaku women.

Princess Jellyfish managed to tell a touching and emotionally resonant story that captured the hearts of viewers across the world in just eleven episodes. However, there is so much more story to tell with the manga having seventeen volumes. It is truly a shame that viewers may never get to see how all the characters grew and evolved.

9.Rave Master

Rave Master Main Characters Standing Next To Each Other Under Blue Sky

One of the saddest things in the world is missed or wasted potential. In the case of Rave Master, the anime ended just as the manga was hitting its stride. As evidenced by Fairy Tail, creator Hiro Mashima knows how to tell a gripping story.


Rave Master took a bit of time to find its footing — some of the earlier chapters and storylines can feel a bit empty at times. If the anime had waited a bit longer to come out then viewers may have seen the second half of the story. This second half was much more fun and in anime form, it would have looked fantastic too.


Gantz Main Characters Stand Side By Side With Red Background Behind Them

Gantz is a very unique and interesting manga, one that prior to the release of its anime had everything going against its success. The series is violent, bloody, philosophical, and at times massively brutal. Surprisingly, the anime series was pretty good for most of its run.

The only problem was its ending as it felt rushed and its message was confusing. The manga consists of thirty-seven volumes while the anime only had twenty-six episodes. If the anime had run longer then it probably would have been one of the greats. Unfortunately, there is a very low likelihood that the series will get a revival or reboot.


BTOOOM! Main Characters Looking Back While Heading Towards A Helicopter

Imagine ending an anime more than four years before its manga ends. That is the unfortunate fate that befell the Btooom! anime. The story itself was filled with massive amounts of potential and could have run for much longer than 12 episodes. Even if a different ending had been tacked on it could have satisfied fans.

Yet the series ends with no ending at all, the story just continues on. The series would be a waste if not for its great action and animation. A continuation for this series is possible but will probably never happen.


Noragami Main Characters On Top Of Japanese Gate

Noragami is a good series that just seems to continually come upon bad luck. The manga series went on hiatus in 2017 due to one of its creators coming down with an illness. The anime series felt rushed at times even though the animation was always good.

Currently, the manga is still in publication and the ending of the series is up in the air. Seeing as 2015 was the last time the anime aired, it is doubtful that it will return once the manga wraps up. With more story available, the anime's return would be more than welcome. However, who knows how large the fanbase will be when the manga finally comes to a conclusion.

5.My Little Monster

My Little Monster Main Characters Stare At Each Other

Ambiguity is all fine and good but sometimes there needs to be some concrete answers. My Little Monster is an anime that thrives on unanswered questions. This is both a good and a bad thing. Viewers should be challenged and not fed every answer to every question.

However, some answers should be present, especially when a series is asking viewers to relate to its characters. My Little Monster ran for thirteen episodes and one OVA. It is a good show but answers are few and far between. The manga raised the same questions but answered some of them during its twelve volume run.


Gangsta Main Characters in Alley

Gangsta was a fun, well-animated, and captivating anime that amassed a large fanbase fairly quickly. The series could have easily ran for multiple seasons, especially since the manga is still being published. Unfortunately, the animation studio behind the show, Manglobe, went bankrupt.

This made Gangsta their final anime and it must have taken a toll on the production side of things. While no major issues can be seen on screen in terms of the technical side, the story is a bit disappointing towards the end. Far too many threads are left open and as it stands there are no plans for a revival.

3.Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland Shiro Laughing While Ganta Stares At Her

Some anime end just as they are beginning to get good. Deadman Wonderland falls prey to this during its thirteen-episode run. The series has some fantastic animation but the story feels a bit rushed and it leaves several major plot points unaddressed.


The manga has thirteen volumes and ends on a very solid note with many mysteries from the show getting answered. A second season would have greatly helped Deadman Wonderland but it does not seem to be in the cards.

2.Dreaming Machine

Dreaming Machine Main Character Looking Forward With Smile On Her Face

There has never been an anime creator like Satoshi Kon. All of his works, from Perfect Blue to Paprika, were complex, beautiful, and wondrous pieces of art. His impact will be felt for years and years to come with his films serving as examples of the heights that anime can reach.

His sudden death in 2010 left the world of animation stunned and his planned project Dreaming Machine unfinished. While there are a couple hundred animated shots available, the film will never be completed. Kon was truly one of a kind and there is probably not a single person on this Earth that can do his work justice.


Nana Looking Sad While Carrying Her Guitar Around Her Arm

Ai Yazawa crafted a tale of love, friendship, joy, and sadness like no one had done before her. In the Nana manga, audiences got to experience this masterful tale at the height of its power. For twenty-one volumes, Yazawa examined numerous themes that still resonate with people. The anime did a great job of adapting the manga with some wonderful voice performances and animation to match.

The only issue is that the manga has been on hiatus since June of 2009. This means that unless the anime creates new stories a continuation is impossible. Obviously, the team behind the anime respect the manga and refuse to taint its name. They have decided to wait until the manga concludes before animating another season. Yazawa has yet to return to the series and no one knows if she ever will.

Even if she doesn't, Nana will always be considered as one of the greatest manga of all time.

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