10 Famous Anime Villain Uniforms, Ranked By Style

PostedAt: Mon, Sep 13, 2021 10:21 AM

Anime villains often have some form of uniform or style code. From Bleach's Espadas to Naruto's Akatsuki, these are the most stylish villain groups.

Some anime villains are memorable for their immense cruelty or their incredible acts of violence. Others are remembered for their vast stores of power and high intellect. However, some are famous not only because of these things but also because of their iconic uniforms.

Many of these villains are still powerful and intimidating, and their uniforms add to this aura of fear. On the other hand, some are seen as eccentric and hard to take seriously because of their outfits. Despite the aesthetic, each of these villain groups has uniforms that can only be described as stylish and unforgettable.

10. The Kara Have Uniforms That Say Style But Seem A Bit Derivative (Boruto)

Kara secret meeting

The Kara of Boruto have a uniform that is eerily familiar to fans of the Naruto franchise. They each wear black cloaks pinned at the shoulder with collars that cover their necks and chins when worn a specific way. This harkens back to the Akatsuki, the black-cloaked members who are recognizable for their bright red clouds that pattern their uniforms. Like The Akatsuki, the Kara are a group of antagonists who are led by an Otsutsuki. While the Kara get points for uniformity and personal style, there are deductions for their obvious callback to the Akatsuki.

9. The Homunculi Share Style Elements But Are All Over The Place (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Sloth looks mad

The Homunculi of the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise share a common black dress code, and most of them also have red markings, not unlike other organizations on this list. However, that is about as uniform as their outfits get. Each wears a drastically different style of outfit, from suit and cocktail dress to crop top and shorts. Plus, their uniforms lack the eccentric accessorizing that is commonly found throughout anime. Though they certainly make an intimidating group, they are outshined by some of their counterparts.

8. The Military Police Have The Uniform Down, But They Could Use Some Imagination (Attack On Titan)

MP member smirks AOT

The Members of the Military Police in Attack on Titan are characterized by their cropped tan jackets, their white undershirts, and their green unicorn logo. While the individual members of the Military Police Brigade are not necessarily evil, many of the members tend toward corruption and bad behavior. They extort and steal from citizens, benefit from nepotism, and abuse their power. So, according to some citizens, they are pretty evil. Their uniforms are certainly in better form than many of them are as people, though they aren't particularly imaginative.

7. The Eye Of The Midnight Sun Share A Style Aesthetic (Black Clover)

Eye of the Midnight Sun Leader

Each of the members of The Eye of the Midnight Sun wears some version of a flowing cloak that is tied together with the emblem of a key with three eyes. Many of them also share in some sort of red facial markings, though each is in a different pattern.

As a whole, the uniforms are stylish and mystical. However, some of the members wear a version of the uniform that is so simple it is underwhelming. Still, the Eye of the Midnight Sun has a uniformly intimidating aesthetic.

6. The Aogiri Tree Has Obvious Style, Though The Uniform Part Is A Bit Loose (Tokyo Ghoul)

Aogiri tree member

The Aogiri Tree in Tokyo Ghoul is distinguishable for its uniforms that provide partial cover of the face either via a high-necked collar or a hood. They are linked together by their color palette of red, black, and white, and many of the members also wear some type of mask. Each of the members can express themselves through their uniform, as it is not so strict that it requires conformity, but is just cohesive and spooky enough to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies if their sheer power didn't already.

5. The Dai Li Fit Seamlessly Into The World (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Dai Li looking confused

The Dai Li are originally thought to be allies to Team Avatar, and they were originally formed to be forces of good, but due to the rampant corruption running through Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li became evil. However, their uniforms still held cultural significance and signified the Earth Kingdom's power and influence.

As enforcers of this influence, the Dai Li had a similarly impactful design, and despite it being a uniform, it spared no expense in the style and accessory department. Their hats served both as a symbol of their cultural significance and their shady capabilities.

4. It Is Easy To Spot Fire Nation Troops With Their Pointed Shoulders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

the Fire Nation attacks

The Fire Nation uniform changed throughout the one hundred years that the war was going on, but it always maintained its same red and black, pointy-shouldered design aesthetic. Not only did it use stereotypical colors and shapes associated with fire, but also it chose those associated with violence and in doing so visually established the soldiers as the show's bad guys. There is variation throughout the show depending on what year, what branch of the military, and what rank the soldier is, but Avatar always stylishly establishes these characters as a force to reckoned with.

3. The Espada All Wear Stylized Versions Of The White Uniform (Bleach)

espada member fighting

Each of the Espada takes a unique spin on the crisp white uniform with black piping. However, when looking at them all together, it is easy to see they are all part of the same uniform. As such, there is obvious style and each villain can express themselves and their powers through that uniform.

However, none of them deviate enough from the original design to make it seem incohesive, making the Espada of Bleach one of the only villain groups that truly balance unique style and uniform adherence.

2. The Akatsuki Wear A Uniform Most Anime Fans Recognize (Naruto)

Akatsuki together

The dark cloaks with high and wide collars and bright red clouds stamped across them are recognizable even by those who have yet to see the Naruto series, as the Akatsuki's iconic logo has been merged into pop culture. What makes the Akatsuki uniform so scary is the relative strict adherence.

Each Akatsuki member must have a signet ring, and each must wear the uniform with little deviation. The only characters who alter the image of the uniform are those who require shape accommodations, like Zetsu and Sasori, and those who wear the uniform differently, like Hidan.

1. The Most Iconic Villain Uniform Of All Time Has To Be Team Rocket's (Pokémon)

team rocket posing

One of the most memorable anime villain uniforms is that of Pokémon's Team Rocket duo, Jessie and James. It is easy to summon to mind the image of the large red "R" that is plastered across the front of all Team Rocket grunts' chests. The two put their own spin on the original Team Rocket uniforms by adding unique undergarments and splits in the fabric. On top of that, their eccentric red and purple hairstyles add a level of individuality to the uniform, not to mention their best friend, Meowth, and their ridiculous disguises.

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