10 Anime Villains Who Became Evil Because Of Lov

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There are many villains who have become evil thanks to love, and very rarely do the loved ones appreciate the actions that the villains take.

All villains have a reason for being evil. The reasons range from things such as a sad backstory to the pure enjoyment of causing chaos, but the most tragic villains often are motivated by love. Oftentimes, villains that are motivated by love think that they are doing the right thing, or feel that they have good intentions.

This is not the case, as they end up taking revenge for loved ones or hurting others in order to protect their loved ones. There are many villains who have become evil thanks to love, and very rarely do the loved ones appreciate the actions that the villains take.

10. Future Diary: Yuno Gasai Committed Heinous Acts Because Of Her Obsession

Yuno smiles and points to something

Yuno Gasai is attached to Yukiteru Amano, more than a normal girl would be. Although she acts sweet, she is willing to do anything to keep Yukiteru alive, no matter how violent and cruel. Thanks to her dark past, Yukiteru is one of the few good people in her life, making her paranoid that anyone around him plans to steal him away from her.

She acts sweet, but she will manipulate even him to get what she wants.

9.My Hero Academia: Himiko Toga's Quirk Makes Her Want To Become The People She Loves

Himiko smiles enthusiastically

Himiko Toga's quirk allows her to transform into another person as long as she ingests their blood. Her quirk made her crave blood. That craving mixed with her natural love of people and warped her views, making her long to be the people she adores.

Unable to act like a normal girl, she found that it was easier to ingest the blood of those she loves by being a villain.

8. Sailor Moon Crystal: Queen Beryl Was Consumed By Her Own Jealousy

Beryl attacks the Moon Kingdom

Queen Beryl was originally a resident of Earth who had a one-sided love for Prince Endymion. However, he was in love with Princess Serenity instead. This made Beryl jealous, and under the dark influence of Queen Metalia, she led an attack on the Moon Kingdom.

She attempted to attack Serenity, accidentally killing the prince in the process. She remained under Metalia's influence until her final confrontation against the Sailor Scouts.

7. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy: Anos Voldigoad Only Hurts Those Who Threaten Him Or Those He Cares For

Anos is unfazed during battle

Anos Voldigoad, despite being the true Demon King that people respected and feared, was never truly evil. It was easy for people to think otherwise, considering his sheer strength and the destruction he caused, although most of the chaotic events he caused were accidental.

He performs villainous, cruel acts to those who threaten him, his friends, or his family. He even goes so far as to kill and revive another student repeatedly during a battle.

6. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki Made A Wish To Help Someone She Loved Without Knowing The Consequences

Sayaka in her magical girl form

Sayaka was in love with Kyousuke Kamijo, but he was preoccupied with his hand injury, which kept him from his passion for playing the violin. In order to help him, Sayaka became a magical girl and used her wish to fix his hand.

Although it seemed like a selfless claim, Sayaka was hopeful that she would get the credit as well as the opportunity to date him. He instead dated someone else, so this in addition to the knowledge that her soul was taken from her body made her lose all hope and eventually turn into a witch.

5. Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta Was Forced To Follow Frieza's Orders

Vegeta frowns

When Vegeta was young, the prince became Frieza's hostage. To prevent Frieza from doing anything to his father, Vegeta had no choice but to follow all of Frieza's orders, no matter how cruel. Although Vegeta seemed to take sadistic pleasure from his destruction, he seemed genuinely remorseful when he told Goku about his past.

Despite Vegeta's best efforts, he lost everything when Frieza decided to destroy his planet.

4. Demon Slayer: Akaza Slaughtered The People Who Killed His Loved Ones

Akaza smiles and gets in a battle stance

As a human, Akaza often stole from others in order to support his father. Feeling guilty that he was living off of stolen money, his father took his own life. Akaza, not knowing what to do with himself, was eventually taken in by Keizo, who owned a dojo. Akaza was in charge of caring of Keizo's sickly daughter, Koyuki, and they eventually fell in love.

Unfortunately, a rival dojo, knowing that they couldn't beat Keizo's dojo in a fair fight, poisoned their well, killing Akaza's new family. In retaliation, Akaza killed all the members of the rival dojo in retaliation, using nothing but his bare hands.

3. Fairy Tail: Zeref Became Evil After Accidentally Killing Mavis Vermillion

Zeref and Mavis peacefully break their curses

Zeref wasn't truly evil at first. He was cursed with immortality, as well as an innate, uncontrollable ability to kill any living creature around him, as long as he valued life. His deadly creations were made for the sole purpose of destroying him, but each one failed. Against all odds, Zeref fell in love with Mavis, who happened to have the same curse.

The two shared a kiss, leading to her dying in his arms. This broke his heart, and he resolved to build an empire filled only with pawns.

2. D. Gray Man: Leo Turned His Mother Into An Akuma

Akumatized Leo prepares to attack Jan

Despite knowing the consequences of making a deal with the Millennium Earl, Leo asked him to bring his mother back from the dead. His mother was brought back, and forced to do the Earl's bidding, took possession of Leo's body.

Disguised as Leo, she guided Leo's friend, Jan, to the Millennium Earl, and nearly killed him. Allen Walker arrived just in time to save the child and freed Leo's mother from the Earl.

1. Bleach: Kaname Tousen Turned His Back On Soul Society After A Shinigami Killed His Best Friend

Kaname Tousen as a Shinigami and a Hollow

Kaname's friend dreamed of becoming a Shinigami in order to make a peaceful world with little bloodshed. Unfortunately, her dream was cut short when she was killed by a Shinigami, who wasn't even punished for his crime.

Kaname started hating the world, following Aizen and knowing full well that Aizen planned to sacrifice countless lives in order to get to the Soul King.

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