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Jack the Ripper is Humanity's representative in the fourth round of Record of Ragnarok, , going against Heracles.Jack the Ripper, or Jack, is an infamous serial killer hailing from late 19th century Britain.

Jack takes the form of an adult man of average height with silver hair and a silver mustache. Jack also has heterochromatic eyes, with a right eye that is silver in color and a left eye that is deep red in color, the latter being covered by a monocle filled with gears. He also wears a gray Victorian Era formal suit with a white shirt underneath and a blood red steampunk top hat. Jack also wears blood red trousers, a blood red coat over his suit and a pair of black gloves. Finally, he carries two pouch on his thighs.

Jack the Ripper record of ragnarok has the disposition of a typical British Gentlemen, accentuated by his sophisticated diction and actions. However, Jack is a true sadist and monster at heart, being considered by most to be a person shrouded in malice and evil, murdering people as he considers the fear they feel before death to be absolutely beautiful.

Jack the Ripper record of ragnarok Abilities

Jack the Ripper is a master assassin and combatant who prefers to win through genius tactics rather than raw power. In battle, Jack is willing to use any means necessary to take down his prey. With his warped and creative mind, Jack can easily come up with a plan of action in order to efficiently and sadistically kill his targets. By using any object available to him, he is able to adapt to his surroundings to set up traps and improvise when fighting someone.

Godly Speed & Reflexes

Being an expert assassin and talented killer, Jack can move at superhuman speeds, though not at the same caliber as Adam or Kojiro Sasaki. Despite that, he was still able to keep up with the extremely swift attacks from Heracles, even being able to outrun him sometimes.

Immense Stamina & Endurance

Jack as displayed incredible stamina and pain endurance, as shown when Heracles landed a successful blow on Jack with "Nemean Lion", Jack shrugged off his injuries unfazed and fixed his dislocated shoulder nonchalantly.He also ignored his wounds from the knives reflected by Heracles's "Birds of Stymphalia". When he was impaled on a metal fence, he cut off the spike, pulled it out of himself and continued to fight.

Tactical Intellect

Jack is an expert tactician, being able to outsmart Heracles and the gods and think on his feet, as shown when he used the urban environment to his advantage, fleeing into a dark alleyway and setting up traps.[4] He is also very crafty, as he was able to distract Heracles with the use of manmade weapons and traps along with hit-and-run tactics. Jack was also able to catch Heracles off guard multiple times. Jack was able to fool Heracles twice with his fake divine weapons to make the hero lower his guard.

Stealth Master

When he was still an active serial killer in London, Jack was able to elude capture and always remain one step ahead, despite the whole of London's police force searching for him. While fighting Heracles in the fourth round, Jack was able to quickly set up traps and footing beforehand without being seen by the cameras or his opponent. When he was alive on Earth, Jack killed multiple people without the police ever knowing about them, causing them to never be recorded in the pages of history.


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Weapons Master

Jack is shown to be proficient in many forms of weaponry, conventional or otherwise, even using the objects in his surroundings as weapons and still keep up with Heracles. The weapons he has used in the battle against the god are scissors, piano wires, knives, an umbrella, a sharp fence, a door, the face of Big Ben and finally, a grappling hook.
Knife Proficiency: Jack's most notable weapon skill is his expert proficiency in knives, shown as he is capable of throwing knives at his enemies with great speed and accuracy. He's also been shown hurling a giant knife like a boomerang whilst tossing smaller ones at Heracles, all the while leaping from roof to roof and back to the ground with his grappling hook.


Jack was born with the unique ability to see other people's emotions as colors with his right eye. By looking into a person's soul, Jack can discern this person's true intentions by even the slightest change in color. During his time as a serial killer in London, Jack used his right eye to see the true colors of anyone he saw in order to kill or evade, which might be the real reason why he was able to escape the police force.

Jack the Ripper record of ragnarok Equipment

Giant Scissor: Initially, Jack wields a giant pair of scissors which he used to convince Heracles that it was his divine weapon. The scissors are golden in color and are extremely sharp and powerful, slicing a lamp post effortlessly. In the end, it was destroyed by Heracles' club smash.

Piano Wires: Jack carries extremely thin and sharp wires from a piano, so thin to the point that it appears invisible to the naked eye. They are also very strong, being able to support the weight of Jack's whole body. Jack used these wires to launch a barrage of knife attacks from above while still being able to expertly manipulate their trajectory and direction.

Knives: Jack's main form of weaponry, dozens of small and precise knives. Jack was able to use his divine gloves' abilities to greatly enhance the destructive capability of it, allowing it pierce through Heracles' divine flesh.

Giant Knife: Jack also carries a giant knife akin to a sword, which can open up to have 6 separate knife heads.

Umbrella: Jack detached an umbrella in two, which he puts in each of his pouches, which he enhances with his divine gloves to deflect Heracles' club attacks.

Grappling Hook: Jack carries a grappling hook that looks similar to a gun, and firing releases a grappling hook which Jack uses to escape Heracles' attacks.

Divine Gloves: A divine accessory provided by the Valkyrie, Hlökk. Its special ability turns anything touched by it enhanced exponentially and capable of harming gods,[32] which Jack uses to turn the entire city of London into his weapon.

Jack the Ripper record of ragnarok Quotes

No matter the odds I shall always accept a duel, for that... is the true essence of a gentlemen.

Rather than being ready-made, everything I use is made-to-order, for that is the true essence of a gentlemen[...] Now, O mighty hero... tremble before me.

During my life I could see the swirl of emotions within the hearts of others. And yet... at the moment of death, only when the body was ruled by fear would that swirl recede, removing all impurities. It was truly, truly a beautiful sight.

Amongst all evil that permeates the my soul, this is my soul reason for life... the one gift the gods saw fit to bestow upon me. The color of emotions I can see are a work of art that only I am capable of producing. Furthermore... this art of mine is capable of making anybody shine no matter how dark their life was... isn't that wonderful?[...] I'm certain it is beyond your comprehension... but those whose hearts resonate with the sole emotion of fear possesses a beauty that I wouldn't exchange for this world.

To think that true love would be as dazzling and wonderous as this sight before me[...] To you wreathed in such pure, beautiful colors of love... I want to... dye you in my favorite color.

London bridge is falling down... falling down... falling down... London bridge is falling down... my... fair... lady...

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