Does Draken Die In Tokyo Revengers? Can Takemichi Save Him?

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We mostly focus on how sad Mikey is and how much he has sacrificed to keep his friends safe, but we always forget about an another character. Draken has always been with Mikey since childhood, and he was the only one who perfectly controlled Mikey’s compulsive rage intent. In short you can say that Darken acted as a valve to control Mikey’s emotions.

He faced the same things as Mikey did. He suffered emotionally when Baji died, and Emma the only girl he loved his whole life also passed away. But, what happens when Draken really dies this time? He has been stabbed before, but survived. In that incident we saw how Mikey was out of control.

This time everything is different. He hasn’t been stabbed, rather shot. If this isn’t the worst, I wonder what can be worse than this? Mikey left to live a lonely life only so that his friends can spend their lives peacefully, and now if his closest friend dies he might cross the border between sanity and insanity.


Does Draken Really Die?

Is Draken Really Dead?

Well, Chapter 224 released and it seems that Draken is really dead!

Takemichi was successful in saving Senju, but lost one of his closest friend in the process. Mikey has finally made his appearance, hence it’ll be more interesting to watch how everything goes down for the gang who killed him/tried to kill him(let’s hope some miracle happens).

But, I’ve a feeling that Draken will come back. No, I’m not talking about Takemichi going back to the past and doing something, well it’s possible now that Mikey is here because Takemichi can only travel through time if he handshakes with Mikey, and I think Mikey will do anything for his closest friend Draken. Time is a complex state of affairs to deal and it quickly gets extremely complex!

Tokyo Revengers Draken & Emma
Draken & Emma

On the other hand, if this doesn’t happen, I have a feeling that we’ll get an entire chapter dedicated to Draken’s journey after death. There’s a high chance that he might meet Emma who might order him to wake up and not die! And this was already teased in the previous chapter when we saw Draken holding Emma’s hand while leaving his body.

In the past there has been moments where the Draken from future either ended up in prison, or dead. But, this time the situation is completely different. At present Takemichi cannot go to the past, hence, if Draken really dies this time, he gone.

Can Takemichi Save Him?

Whether he can save him is a different question, but, this time he looked more helpless than I have ever seen him before. He has a bull-headed mentality, but even his reaction felt as if he was broken from within.

The situation is worse than it seems. Takemichi is already in the past, and the only direction he can time travel is in the future, that too only with Mikey’s help. So, for now, it doesn’t seem that Takemichi can change the past since he is already living in it.

Tokyo Revengers Draken
Mikey & Darken

On the positive side though, Takemichi has acquired a new capability through which he can see the future minutes before it comes to reality. But, I don’t feel that’s going to prove any importance of its own!

Does that mean, we are going to lose one of the standing pillars of the series? I hope so not!

How Will Mikey Respond?

Draken is Mikey’s childhood friend. Considering Mikey has already lost his elder brother, his sister Emma, Baji, and back-stabbed by one of his closest friend Kazutora, losing Draken might completely break him.

But, it seems that he has already learned about Draken’s situation and arrived at the scene. He might not respond as we expect since the very reason he has taken this path is to keep his loved ones out of trouble!

Before the spoilers of Chapter 225 release, at this point it’s pretty hard to understand the way he will respond. But, I have a theory that might fit perfectly with the ways he might respond. Read “Third One” in the next section.

Any Possibility Of Draken’s Return?

Of course this is the second question that comes after learning that Draken might have really passed away. Well, from what I can think of, there can be few ways to save him which are close to a performing a miracle.

The First One: Takemichi again gains something extraordinary power. He gained the ability to time travel and that was in itself completely otherworldly, and now he has also gained the ability to see the future minutes before it happens.

The Second One: As I stated before, while leaving his body, we saw a panel of Emma holding Draken’s hand. That one panel might have countless meaning. I’m guessing that in the next few chapters we might see an entire Chapter, or more, dedicated to Draken and his conversation with Emma. She might order him to not die yet since Takemichi and Mikey needs him and that she will wait for him when the time really comes. And then he would return back from the near-death state.

Tokyo Revengers Mikey
Mikey’s In Shock

The Third One: I don’t know how much of a possibility this theory holds, but, as in the latest Chapter, Chapter 224, we see Mikey making an entrance into the scene. His presence was surely intimidating enough, but I don’t think he will jump right into a battle against the other gang members. Rather he might order Takemichi to follow his orders and to do something that might revert the time again and land him into the moment before Draken was shot.
I hope this makes sense?

It’s concerning this time because if he dies it’s almost impossible for him to return! Since the manga is already headed towards its end, I don’t see this entirely “not-possible.”

Hence, it’s entirely upon the mangaka on how her proceeds with the storyline.

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