Terms and Conditions For zatayat.com

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of zatayat.com

Below are the Terms and Conditions for use of zatayat.com.
Please read these carefully.


This website ensures customer rights and protection. It is equipped with terms and conditions for its use. Proper law and policy govern this website. It comprises of desired content to browse. To agree on all he guidelines provide on website is good to fulfill terms and conditions.


Website development follows all rules and regulations to make sure the safety of consumers. Not any kind of violent content is available on this website.


The content available is according to the policy design formulated for the development of website.


Appropriate contact through e-mail address or phone number is the mandatory approach of this website. Anybody feel free to contact for any issue to discuss.Email: info@zatayat.com


Any action on website by customer is its own responsibility. No kind of action or liability is the responsibility of website owner as well as the organization or development team.


Authentication is one of the basic premises of every website so no user needs to worry about this. All the standards of authentication meets according to the parameters.


All the activities are under the privacy control of the website. There are proper setups for the data entrance or data usage by the customer


All the content like image, audios and texts if anyone want to share on the website allow from the website for its consent and after that share the images for public. In case, if anyone start a business, so it is mandatory to grant from the website a company name or affiliation. All of your rights must reserve and company keep the right to change or remove your content if needed. Content develop will be personal no kind of interruption from the other party accept.


Some of the specific restrictions are required for the website protection include:-


According to the standards of the website, there are specific warrantee license permitted to the user to view website material. It is not allowed to use that license n any other way.


It is mandatory for every user to implement all laws and implementation. This is important to maintain integrity of the websites. Any kind of disruption results in damaging impact for the website. USER RIGHTS

The first and foremost thing for a website is the protection of user rights. There is no compromise on the rights reserve for user right.

We reserve the right to make changes and to revise the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of use.